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Umm Kulthum Festival of Music and Singing Posted by on Mar 4, 2013

Marhaba (مرحبا)! In this post, I would like to share an article that announced a new festival of music and singing in honor of one of the greatest Arab singers ever: Umm Kulthum (أم كلثوم). Along with Fairouz from Lebanon, Umm Koulthoum’s unique musical talent, in her voice and acting, has captured the hearts and…

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Word search game – literature, answer Posted by on Feb 28, 2013

In this post, I present the answer of the word search game related to literature presented earlier. Here is the word list: كاتب أديب رواية مسرحية قصة شعر شاعر كتاب قصيدة أدب Here are the words highlighted: Here is the translation of the words: 1. Writer 2. Literary writer 3. Novel 4. Play 5. Story…

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Word search game – literature Posted by on Feb 28, 2013

In this post, I have prepared an Arabic word search game for you. Can you find the 10 words below in the table? If you are not sure about the meaning of any word, look at the bottom of the page for the translation. All the words are related to literature. كاتب أديب رواية مسرحية…

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How to cook Moujadara (mashed lentils and rice casserole) Posted by on Feb 27, 2013

Marhaba (مرحبا)! Today, I am going to teach you how to cook Moujadara (مجدرة) which is a tasty vegetarian dish (طبق نباتي) that is popular in the Middle East and specifically the Levant. It is a popular vegetarian dish throughout the year and especially during Lent. In a nutshell, Moujadara is mashed lentils (عدس) and…

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Expressing spatial relationships in Arabic Posted by on Feb 26, 2013

In my previous post, I discussed temporal relationships (العلاقات الزمنية) which relate events in terms of time of their occurrence. In this post, I discuss spatial relationships (العلاقات المكانية), which relate objects according to their place.   I am going to present some expressions which we can use to express spatial relationships in Arabic, and…

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