New Global “Center of Excellence” for Arabic Language

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A new Arabic Language charter was announced only a week ago to establish the UAE as a global “center of excellence” for the Arabic language, news outlets such as The National and GulfNews reported.

The language center will be based at Zayed University, to “revive Arabic as لغة العلـــــــوم والتكنولوجيــــــــــا (the language of sciences and technology)”.

The announcement was made at the opening session of the first Mohammed Bin Rashid Policies Council, a new channel of communications with the community and a platform for creative and innovative ideas.

“We have to be proud of our language and start to teach it to others,” said a student of Arabic literature at the same university.

“It will start from ourselves, not from others. Sheikh Mohammed gave us this charter but after that, what will we do with it? It will come down to the people to make use of it.”

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UAE’s expats often have no clue about… UAE!

The new decision comes amid concerns that the UAE may have lost some of its local identity due to the incredible influx of مُهــــــــــاجرين (expats) over the past two decades.

Expats represent more than 80% of the UAE population. A February report indicated that seven out of ten expatriates in the UAE do not understand the country’s local عادات وتقــــــــــاليد (customs and traditions.) Only 60% of expats claim to know the basics of UAE culture, while 11%  confessed to not even bother learning.)

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Expats receive Arabic lessons in UAE, free of charge!

Underlining the 2,000-year heritage of Arabic, Sheikh Mohammed said: “A focus on nurturing the language was important to uphold the Emirati national identity for الأجيـــــــــــال القــــــــادمـــــــة (future generations.)”

He said “the new initiative was in line with the UAE’s 2021 رُؤيـــــــــــــة / Vision 2021 that aims at all-round development while promoting national identity and cultural cohesiveness.”

“Our national identity is integrally linked to the Arabic language, which serves as an effective medium to express our values, culture and heritage. Promoting the language will enable our future generations to connect with our roots, society and values more effectively,” he said.

Other initiatives announced include the setting up of a dedicated educational facility at Zayed University to promote Arabic education for non-Arabic speakers, and establishing a Faculty of Translation at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Media College.

Dr Maher Bahloul, an associate professor of language and linguistics at the American University of Sharjah, said the first step towards popularising Arabic is to change the “archaic” rote-learning methods used to teach it.

He suggested that expatriates learn 500 Arabic words so that within three months they can communicate the basics. In the classroom, he recommends الأفـــلام (movies), المســــــــرح (theatre) and الأغـــــــــاني (songs.)

The initiative will focus on Standard Modern Arabic and target expatriates and Arabic-speakers alike. .

The announcement has also spurred a rise in teachers and business leaders asking for Arabic teachers at the Ministry of Culture and UAE University.

“As we say in Arabic, it’s like the soul has come back to the body, because language is very important for the level of the people, the level of the identity, مُستــــــــــوى الحضـــــــــــارة (the level of civilization),” said the chairman of the department of Arabic language and literature.

Labor Day Quiz

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     It is Labor Day عيد العمال again ! and we shall never forget how much laborers suffered and are  still. So, Happy Labor Day to all the hard-working laborers all over the globe. Last year, we presented a post article about the occasion and today we are going to read the article again and do some little quiz on it.

Read the following article about Labor Day and then answer the questions:

   :  اقـــرأ الــمــقــــــال الــتــــالـــــى عـــن عــيــــد الــعـــمـــــال ثـــم أجـــــب عـــــن الأســــئــلـــــــــة  

1) When do the Egyptians celebrate “Labor Day”?

مـــتـــى يــحــتــفــــل الــمــصـــريـــــون بـــعــيــــد الـــعــُــمــــّــــال ؟

2) When do Americans celebrate “Labor Day”?

مــتــــى يـــحـــتـــفــــــــل الأمـــريــكـــيــــــون بــعـــيــــــد الـــعـــُـــمـــّـــــــال ؟

3) What slogan did the Chicago workers lift up?

مـــا الــشـــــعــــــار الــــذى كــــان يــــرفـــعـــــــه الــعـــُــمــــّــــــال فــــى شـــيـــــكـــــــــاغــــــــو ؟

4) Who called for the first workers’ strike on May 1st 1886 ?

  مــَـــــن الــــذى دعــــــــا لإضــــــــراب الــــعــــُـــــمــــــّـــــــــال فــــى الأول مــــِــــن مــــايـــــــو 1886 ؟

5) How is Labor Day celebrated ?

كـــيــــــف يــتـــــم الإحــتــــفـــــــال بـــعــــيــــــد الـــعـــُـــــمـــــّــــــــــال ؟

6) Choose the correct answer between brackets اخـتــر الإجـابـة الــصـحـيـحـة مـِـن بـيـن الأقــواس 

    a- Labor Day is a/an ………. (weekly – monthly – annual) vacation.

عــِــيــــدُ الــعـــُــمــّـــالِ هـــُــو عـــُــطــلــــة ……… (أســبــُــوعــِــيــّــة – شـهــريــّــة – ســنــويــّـــة 

   b- The U.S. Congress designated May 1st as ………… Day.

                      (Loyalty – Generosity – Cruelty)

اِعـتـبــرَ الـكـونـجــرس الأمـريـكـى الـيـوم الأول مـِـن مايـو هــو يـوم ….. ( الـوفـاء – الـسـخـاء – الـقــســـوة 

   c- The person who said “Without labor, nothing prospers” is ……..

                          (Aristotle – Sophocles – Jefferson)

الـشـخـــص الـــذى قـــال عــــبــــَـــارة : “لا شـــيءَ يــنــــجـــــح بـــــدون الـــعـــَـــــمـــــــــــــل” هــــُــــــو         ………… (أرســـطــــُـــــو – ســـوفـــوكــلـــيــــــــس – جـــيـــفـــــرســـــــــــون

7) Translate the following sentence into Arabic: ترجـِم العـبـارة الـتـالـيـة إلى اللغــة العـربـيــة  

“The  Egyptian workers have made great efforts in the construction of the Suez Canal and the High Dam and had a long history of struggle for better conditions.”  


Answers will be posted soon 

Derivatives of the Verb “to work” 

Peace  سلام /Salam/

Abdul Aziz Al-Kusi: 1906 – 1992

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     Abdel Aziz Al-Kusi was a great Egyptian psychologist عـالـِـم نـقــس and is considered the Dean of  the Arabic Psychology عـَـمـيــد عـِـلـم الـنـفــس الـعـربـى . He got the highest honours in Egypt and represented his country at UNESCO. He also was a member of so many specialised national councils and was the founder مـُـؤسـّــس of new departments at higher education institutions.

    Al-Kusi was born in 1906 inKous, a small town in Upper Egyptto a deep-rooted family with a very good reputation سـُـمـْـعـَـة . He memorized the Holy Quran when he was young . He finished his basic education in Asuit and then high school. After that, he moved to Cairo and joined the High School of Teachers مـدرسـة الـمـُـعـَـلـمـيـن الـعـُـلـيـَــا . Al-Kusi achievd the highest rank among his colleagues so that the ministry of education sent him to U.K. for higher studies. He got his first degree in Psychology from the University of Birmingham, U.K. in 1932, then a Master Degree and then a PhD in 1934. In his doctoral dissertation, he discovered what is called the Factor of Space Perception عـَـامــِـل إدراك الـمـَــكــان . His research was published by theUniversity ofEdinburgh in 1934 and was the base for the efforts of so many other great psychologists and psychological tests.

     Al-Kusi built a theory نـظـريــة on forming the mental abilities that is based on three dimensions;

1) The basic content الـمـَـضـمـُــون الأسـَـاســى ,

2) The function الـوظـيـفــة

3) The shape الـشــكــل .

Al-Kusi named his theory the ‘Three Dimensions Theory نـظــريــة الأبـعــاد الـثــلاثــة ‘. He presented his theory inParis in a conference that was attended by some famous psychologists like Guilford and Thurstone who acknowledged his work.

     Al-Kusi was the first Arab to use the term of  “Mental Health الـصـحــة الـنـفـســيــة ” and wrote a book called “Foundations of Mental Health أسـُـس الـصـحــة الـنـفـســيـــة ” that is still considered a principal resource. Al-Kusi died on 27th April 1992.


Check us back soon

Peace  ســَـــلام /Salam/