Listening comprehension exercise

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watch the video below and try to answer the questions that follow it, using the information provided.

Use the useful vocabulary given at the end of the post

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1-      What did Médecins Sans Frontières warn of?

2-      How many refugees live in Mibra camp in Mauritania?

3-      What do they lack at the camp?

4-      How does the doctor describes all the people coming to the camp?

5-      What is the main problem that children in the camp suffer from?

6-      What are the doctors trying to do?

Useful vocabulary:

حذرت  warned

منظمة  organization

أطباء بلا حدود Médecins Sans Frontières

كارثة Disaster

تفاقم Exacerbation

الوضع الانساني  the humanitarian situation

 مخيميات  camps

لاجئ  refugees

افتقار lack of

الأمم المتحدة the UN

السلطات authorities

بحاجة الى in need of

يعانون من suffer from

سوء التغذية malnutrition

مؤخراً  lately

الوقاية prevention

المعالجة treatment

Come back again soon for the transcription and the answers of the questions.

Go Out and Try One of these 8 Fun Things during Spring

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Marhaba (مرحبا)! In spring (الربيع), across different places in the world, one could see blossoming flowers (أزهار تَتَفتَّح), listen to chirping and singing birds (عصافير تُزَقزِق), and feel the beaming sun (الشّمس تشرق)! The end of the winter season marks the beginning of the spring season that calls for outdoor activities (نشاطات خارجية) that can be done with family and friends.

Image by Dominico Salvagnin

Image by Dominico Salvagnin


Be it from picnics to taking long biking trips, there are a lot of other fun activities that can be done during this beautiful season. I will discuss 8 fun things that you can do during the spring time with family and/or friends. So grab a friend or go solo and go out and try one of these activities!

1. Go out and plant (إِزرَع) something. It could be type of a flower, like roses (ورود) or you could plant a culinary herb like basil (حبق). If you do not have a yard to plant either flowers or herbs, you can always purchase a small pot or a seed tray. You can fill either the pot or the tray soil and then sprinkle the seeds (البذور) all across.


2. Go out and take a walk (تنزَّه على الأقدام) with someone that you love. It could be a family member or a good friend. It is always nice to reconnect with loved ones during such stress-free activities. This walk can involve discovering new places or just admiring beautiful scenes (مناظر جميلة).


3. Go out and take photographs (صوّر). You can either take photos of blossoming flowers or flowering trees, like magnolias for example. You can also take photographs of small artificial lakes or ponds in public parks (الحدائق العامة).


4. Go out for a bike ride (إركب دراجة هوائية). Cycling is an important healthy activity and many of friends take long bike tours between different cities. On long bike rides, you are engaged in a healthy activity and you can discover new places that you have never seen before.


5. Go out to a nice location and read a book (إقرأ كتاب) that you have always wanted to read but could not have time do so. Make sure you find a location that allows you to read calmly and dedicate some time to go through a book or magazine that you find interesting.


6. Go out and have a picnic (تنزَّه في الهواء الطلق) with someone that you love. Prepare some sandwiches and some beverages in a picnic basket, take a small blanket and just look for a location in park or somewhere cool to spend quality time with family members or friends.


7. Go out and exercise (تمرَّن) more frequently. During winter there are always excuses for not doing any outdoor exercise due to the cold weather. There are no excuses during spring. Try to jog or power walk with friends or a closed relative. This forces you to get in a good shape before the summer season, if you like going to the beach!


8. Go out and watch an outdoor music concert (حفل موسيقي في الهواء الطلق). It could be of any music genre that you like. Pop, rock, classical, blues or jazz, just figure out when there are outdoor music concerts in your area and country and make sure to buy some tickets.


I am confident there are many other fun things to do in addition to the ones I mentioned here. So what are your plans for celebrating spring and the beauty of nature? Are you planting a flower, taking a walk with friends or going for a picnic?

Stay tuned for upcoming posts.

Have a nice day!

نهاركم سعيد

The uprising of women in the Arab world

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The uprising of women in the Arab world (انتفاضة المرأة في العالم العربي) is a facebook page ( established in October 2011 by 4 Arab women from Egypt, Lebanon, and Palestine. They set up a facebook page and invited women and men to take inspiration from the Arab Spring to call for women’s rights and to raise awareness of the challenges that Arab women face.

The uprising page defines itself as
This page is a free and secular platform for constructive dialogue advocating human rights, freedom, and independence of women in the Arab world. All opinions are welcomed under the condition that they do not stand on:
sexism, racism, sectarianism, expiation, hate speech and personal insults.

هذه الصفحة هي مساحة علمانية حرة للحوار البناء المناصر لحقوق المرأة الانسانية وحريتها واستقلاليتها في العالم العربي. كل الاراء مرحب بها شرط الا تقوم على:
التمييز الجنسي، العنصرية، المذهبية، التخوين والتكفير وهدر الدم، والاهانات الشخصية.

The page starts very interesting campaigns, e.g. tell your story campaign in which women tell their stories and interact with each other. My favourite part is the photo campaign in which men and women publish their photos with banners or posters that begin with the phrase (أنا مع انتفاضة المرأة في العالم العربي), i.e. I am with the uprising of women in the Arab world, and they express their opinions.