Every Year, You are my LOVE !

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Every Year, You are my LOVE !

     Happy New Year, everyone. The new year is at the door. May all your wishes come true. Today, I present this beautiful song أغنية   of  the famous Iraqi singer; Kazim  Al-Sahir كاظم الساهر . The song was written by the great Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani نزار قباني .

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 كـُـلُّ عـَـامٍ وأنتِ حـَـبـيـبـتــي 

Every year, you are my Love

كـُـلُّ عـَـامٍ وأنــا حـَـبـيـبــُــكِ

Every year, I am your Love

آهٍ يـَـا سـَـيـّـدتـِـي لـَـو كـانَ الأمـْــرُ بـيـَـدِي

Oh, my Lady, If it were my choice

إذاً لـَـصـَــنــَــعـــتُ سـَــنــَــة ً لـكــِي وَحـْــدَكِ 

I would create a year for you 

تــُـفـــَـصــِّــلـيــنَ أيــَّــامــَـهــَــا كـمـَـا تــُـريــديــن  

To distribute its days as you like 

وتــُـســنــِـديــنَ ظــَــهــْـرَكِ عـلـى أسـَــابـيــعـِـهــَــا كـمَـا تــُريـديــن 

And to lean your back to its weeks as you like  

وتــتــشــمـَّـســِـي … وتــَـرقــُـصــِـي … وتــَـركــُــضـِـين 

And to sun .. to dance .. and run 

عـلـى رمـَــالِ شــُـهــُـورِهــَــا كـمَـا تــُـريــديـــن

On the sand of its months as you like 

كــُــلُّ عـَــامٍ وأنـتــِـي حـَـبـيـبـتـِـي

Every year, you are my Love 

أقــُـولــُـهــَــا لكي عـلـى طــريـقــتــِــي  

I say it my way

رافــِــضــًا كــُــلَّ الـعــِـبــَــاراتِ الــكــِــلاســيــكــيــّــةِ الـتـي  

Rejecting all the classic sentences that 

يـُــردّدهــَــا الــرّجــَــالُ عـلـى مَـسـَــامـِــع الـنــِّــســَــاءِ  

Men repeat in the ears of women 

كـُـلُّ عـَـامٍ وأنتِ حـَـبـيـبـتــي .. حـَـبـيـبـتــي 

Every year, you are my Love .. my Love 

سَــوفَ لــَـنْ نــَـشــتــري هــَــذا الـعــِـيــد شــجـــرة  

We will not buy a tree this year 

ســتــكــُــونــيــن أنـتــِــي الــشــَّــجــَــرَة 

You will be the Tree 

وســَـأعـَــلـــِّــقُ عــَــلــيــكِ أمـْــنــيـــَــاتـِـي  

And I will hang my wishes onto you

 ودعـَــوَاتــِــي .. وقــَــنــَـــادِيــلَ دُمـُــوعــِــي 

My prayers .. and the lights of my tears 

كــُــلُّ عـَــامٍ وأنـتــِـي حـَـبـيـبـتـِـي  

Every year, you are my Love 


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Christmas Word search

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Merry Christmas everyone!

ميلاد مجيد

In this post, I present a word search game with words about Christmas. Can you find the 10  words in the list in the grid below?

1-      شجرة

2-      زينة

3-      هدايا

4-      بابا نويل

5-      عيد ميلاد

6-      قداس

7-      احتفال

8-      ديك رومي

9-      كعك

10-  اجازة



Fisal’s Dictionary: سكن

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        Today, we are going to go on a journey to the depths of the Arabic Dictionary to discover some of its secrets. We will look up the root verb سكن  and explore some of its derivatives.

* سَـكـَـنَ    [V.I.] = 1) to stop moving or be silent.

                                           Ex. -  سـكـنـت الـريـحُ  =  The wind stopped.

                                  2) to calm down, ease or get relieved

                                            Ex. -  سـكـنـت نفسـُـهُ  = His soul calmed down.

                                                     - سـَـكـَـنَ الألمُ  = The pain eased / calmed down.

                                  3) to dwell, reside, inhabit, stay, settle or live in a place.

                                            Ex.يسكن البدو في الصحراء  = Bedouins  live in the desert.

                                                   -تــَـسـْـكـُـنُ عائلتي في منزل كبير   = My family lives in a big house.

سـَـاكـِـنْ  [Adj.] = silent or not moving or quiet.

                                   Ex. – الليل ساكن في الصيف = The night is quiet / silent in summer.

سـُـكـُون  [N. U.] = silence, quietness or lack of movement.

*  سـَـكـِـيـنـَـة  [N. U.] = quietness or stability.  

* سـَـاكـِـنْ  [N. C.] =  a dweller, inhabitant, resident or a person who is living somewhere.

                                  Ex. – هناك ساكن جديد في المنزل المجاور 

                                           = There is a new resident in the next house.

* سـُـكـَّـان     [N. Pl.] = population or inhabitants. 

                                   Ex. -  سكان مصر هم خمسة و ثمانون مليون 

                                          = The population of Egypt are eighty-five millions.

                                          – لا تجد الكثير من السكان في الصحراء  

                                          = You can not find a lot of inhabitants in the desert.   

*  سـَـكـَـنْ / سـُـكـْـنـَـى / مـَـسـْـكـَـنْ  [N. C.] = accommodation, house or a place to live in; pl. مَـسـَـاكـِـن 

* أسـْـكـَـنَ   [V. T.] =  to accommodate or give someone a house.

                                 Ex. – أسكن والدي بعض الطلاب بالمنزل    

                                      = My father accommodated some students in the house.

* إسـْـكان  [N. U.] = housing or accommodation.  

* سـَـاكـَـنَ  [V. T.] = to share a house with someone.   

                                  Ex. – سـَـاكـَـنَ محمدٌ بعضَ الطلاب

                                         = Mohammad shared a house with some students.

* سـِـكـِّـيـن   [N.C.] = a knife, pl. سـَـكــَـاكـِيـن   

*  تـَـمَـسـْـكـَـنَ  [V. I.] = to pretend to be weak and poor. 

*   مـِـسـْـكـِـيـن  [N. C.]a poor and weak person, Pl.مَـسـَـاكـِـيـن

الـمـَـسـْـكـَـنـَـة [N. U.] = poverty and weakness.

*  اسـْـتــَـكانَ  [V. I.] = to surrender and submit.

*  اسـْـتـِـكانـَـة  [N. U.] = surrender and submission.

The verb "to dwell"

  - (Note: N.=Noun /C.= Countable / U.= Uncountable / V.= Verb / Ph. V. = Phrasal Verb / Adj.= Adjective / Adv.= Adverb / Prep.=Preposition / Pl.= Plural) 

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Peace سلام  /Salam/