Learn the 10 Most Common Political Actors in Arabic (2)

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Marhaba! I am sure most of you enjoyed learning about the 10 most common political actors in Arabic. Others I am sure refreshed their memory. Similar to my earlier advice on the 100 most common words in Arabic, you will unquestionably come across most if not all these words in any daily TV show or Arabic newspaper. Learning new words is always a suitable boost in your academic journey of learning the beautiful Arabic language. In this post I am sharing the answers to the Arabic crossword puzzle from the previous post and some examples of how you can use these words in a sentence. I have also translated and transliterated every example so that you can learn how to read and pronounce every sentence properly.

President – رئيس
Example: Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America
Translation: باراك اوباما رئيس الولايات المتحدة الاميركية
Transliteration: Barak Obama ra’is al-wi-la-yat al-mu-ta-hi-da al-amir-ki-ya

Prime Minister — رئيس الوزراء
Example: David Cameron is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Translation: دافيد كاميرون رئيس وزراء المملكة المتحدة
Transliteration: David Cameron ra’is wu-za-ra’ al-mam-la-ka al-mut-ta-hi-da

Governor – محافظ
Example: John Smith has decided to run for governor of California
Translation: جون سميث قرر الترشح لمنصب محافظ كاليفورنيا
Transliteration: John Smith qa-ra-ra al-ta-ra-shuh li-man-sib mu-ha-fith california

King – ملك
Example: The King of Saudi Arabia is Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
Translation: سلمان ابن عبدالعزيز آل سعود ملك المملكة السعودية
Transliteration: Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud ma-lik al-mam-la-ka al-su-udi-ya

Ambassador — سفير
Example: Mustafa Hammoud is Lebanon’s Ambassador to Switzerland
Translation: مصطفى حمود سفير لبنان في سويسرا
Transliteration: Mustafa Hammoud sa-fir lub-nan fi swi-sra

Counselor — مستشار
Example: Maggie Lawrence served as the second counselor to the Prime Minister
Translation: ماغي لورينس خدمت مستشارة ثانية لرئيس الوزراء
Transliteration: Maggie Lawrence kha-da-mat mus-ta-sha-ra tha-ni-ya li-ra-‘is al-wu-za-ra’

Minister — وزير
Example: John Klein was named as Minister of Agriculture
Translation: عُيِّن جون كلين وزير زراعة
Transliteration: U-yi-na John Klein wa-zir zi-ra-a

Representative — ممثل
Example: The Minister sent his representative to the negotiations in Geneva
Translation: أرسل الوزير ممثل عنه للمفاوضات في جنيف
Transliteration: Ar-sa-la al-wa-zir mu-ma-thil an-hu lil-mu-fa-wa-dat fi ge-nev

Official — مسؤول
Example: Ali has been a security official of the Democratic Party in Lebanon since 2005
Translation: علي مسؤول أمني للحزب الديمقراطي في لبنان منذ 2005
Transliteration: Ali mas-‘ul am-ni lil-hi-zib al-di-muq-ra-ti fi lub-nan mun-thu 2005

Member of Parliament — نائب
Example: Youssef has been a member of parliament since 1996
Translation:  1996 يوسف نائب منذ
Transliteration: Youssef na-‘ib mun-thu 1996

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Learn the 10 Most Common Political Actors in Arabic

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Marhaba! In the past we have discussed the most common words about politics and government; the most common government systems; and the most common political ideologies. The last and important part of learning everything related to government and politics in Arabic involves learning about the different players involved in such processes and power configurations. Today, I have created a crossword puzzle on the 10 most common political actors in Arabic. These might be new to you or you might be simply refreshing your memory! I am certain you will all enjoy solving this Arabic crossword puzzle. Make sure to come back for the answers soon and for examples on how to use these words in a sentence! I have also transliterated all the words so that you can learn how to pronounce them properly. As always, think of these words as building blocks! I am confident this will give you a huge leg up when reading, writing, and listening to Arabic. As mentioned in earlier posts, these political actors exist in most government systems and monarchies around the Arab world.

President – رئيس
Transliteration: Ra-is

Prime Minister — رئيس الوزراء
Transliteration: Ra-is al-wu-za-ra’

Governor – محافظ
Transliteration: Mu-ha-fith

King – ملك
Transliteration: Ma-lik

Ambassador – سفير
Transliteration: Sa-fir

Counselor – مستشار
Transliteration: Mus-ta-shar

Minister – وزير
Transliteration: Wa-zir

Representative – ممثل
Transliteration: Mu-ma-thil

Official – مسؤول
Transliteration: Mas-‘ul

Member of Parliament – نائب
Transliteration: Na-‘ib

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The Makings of the U.S.-Iran Nuclear Deal Hours Before It Happened (2)

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Marhaba! I still cannot believe that the world’s greatest powers and Iran have reached a historic deal! Let’s hope it is the beginning of a long journey of peace between all nations around the world. As you all know, this is an extremely important moment for millions living in the Middle East and will most certainly have repercussions beyond Iran and the Arab world. I hope you enjoyed reading the article from the previous post. Today, I am providing you with the answers to the questions as well as the translation of the sentence to English.

Peace | Image from Flickr

Peace | Image from Flickr


1. If the two parties do not reach an agreement by Friday, Congress will extend the period of reviewing the agreement, which in turn will postpone the removal of American sanctions.
إذا لم يتوصل الطرفان إلى اتفاق بحلول الجمعة، فإن الكونغرس سيضاعف مدة مراجعة الاتفاق، وهو ما سيؤجل رفع العقوبات الأمريكية

2. International inspections of Iranian non-nuclear sites, sanctions, and means in which to verify Iran’s commitment to the agreement
التفتيش الدولي للمواقع الإيرانية غير النووية، والعقوبات، وكيف يتم التحقق من التزام إيران بالاتفاق

3. Remove weapon ban on Iran
رفع حظر الأسلحة عن إيران

4. American law gives Congress 30 days to take a decision regarding accepting the agreement or rejecting it
إن القانون الأمريكي يعطي للكونغرس 30 يوما لاتخاذ قرار بشأن قبول الاتفاق أو رفضه

5. “I hope this is the last day”

“أتمنى أن يكون هذا آخر يوم”

6. Translate the following sentence to English:
وعبر الطرفان عن أملهما في تقدم المفاوضات الخميس، على الرغم من غياب مؤشرات ملموسة للاتفاق
The two parties expressed their hopes for the progress of negotiations on Thursday despite missing tangible indicators for agreement

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