Shoes in English and shoe in Arabic

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It is interesting to note that some words, especially those related to clothes, e.g. trousers, shoes, etc. are used in plural in English and in singular in Arabic. This causes a great deal of confusion of Arabic learners when they study English, and may be the other way round as well, since they are used to using the singular in Arabic. So, shoes in English corresponds to (حذاء) in Arabic. Please note that the plural of (حذاء) is (أحذية), but it is used to mean more than one pair. Below is a list of words that are used in plural in English and singular in Arabic:

Trousers: بَنطَلون / بِنطال

Pants: سِروَال

Shorts: شورت

Pajamas: بِيجامة

Gloves: قُفّاز

Shoes: حِذاء

Sandals:  صَندَل

Slippers: شِبشِب

Socks: شَراب

Glasses: نَظّارة

Some of these words are very close to English or other European languages, like French. Please note that in this list I give the commonly used words, many of which are colloquial.

Now let me challenge you! Do you know how to name the items of clothes in the picture below in Arabic?

If you click on the picture, it will open in a much better way. Here is the image source:

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