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Take a look at this picture of some common summertime clothes and accessories for a woman.  Do you know the names for all of these items of clothing?
Luckily for us the clothing in this picture is arranged pretty much in rows so it will be easy for me to tell you their names.  I am going to list their names below in corresponding rows so that you can connect the names of these items to what they look like.

Top row (moving left to right)
tank top, skirt, high heels, capris, short-sleeve shirt
Second row
high heel shoes, bikini top, purse, sunglasses, jean skirt
Third row
short-sleeve shirt, bikini bottom, shorts, tank top, scarf
Fourth row
jeans, halter top, sun glasses, purse, bikini top
Bottom row
flip-flops, shorts, short-sleeve top, heels, bikini bottom

Below I have some more summertime clothing vocabulary.  This clothing vocabulary does not just relate to women. In fact, two items in this list, Hawaiian shirt and polo shirt, are more commonly worn by men.

More vocabulary:
bathing suit or swim suit – clothing worn to go swimming
flip-flops – a backless sandal held to the foot at the big toe by way of a thong; flip-flops are often made of foam rubber
Hawaiian shirt – a style of dress shirt originally from Hawaii; a button-up shirt with colorful printed patterns, usually with short-sleeves and a collar
polo shirt or polo – a casual cotton shirt with short sleeves, a collar, and 3-4 buttons at the neck
sandals – a light shoe that is open and airy; usually sandals have a strap attaching the sole (bottom of the shoe) to the foot
sarong – a piece of clothing usually worn to the beach;  a long piece of cloth worn wrapped around the body tucked under the armpits
t-shirt – a close-fitting pullover shirt made from knit cotton

Most summertime clothing is light and allows the body to stay cool in the heat.  Americans (both men and women) are generally not afraid to show the their arms, shoulders, and legs out in public and so in the summer people are often seen wearing shorts and shirtsleeve shirts or tank tops as well as bathing suits at public pools and beaches.

The answers to yesterday’s matching exercise:
1-c, 2-e, 3-d, 4-b, 5-a
If you had 4-c: It is generally not possible to surf on a lake.
If you had 3-a: Hiking usually takes place over a longer period of time and in more remote areas than those found in parks.

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