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Merits and Myths Behind Some Esperanto Symbols: The Esperanto Flag Posted by on Oct 30, 2015


The last of the three symbols I’ll cover in this series is la Esperanto-flago, the Flag of Esperanto. Since it as more or less equally as ubiquitous as the verda stelo, odds are you have seen it before. It is a field of green, with a patch of white in the upper-left corner. The green…

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Merits and Myths Behind Some Esperanto Symbols: The Jubilee Symbol Posted by on Oct 28, 2015


Another Esperanto symbol you’ve likely seen in your adventures is the jubilea simbolo, or Jubilee Symbol. It’s an oval-ish shape consisting of six prongs reaching toward one another in pairs, looking like two rounded, mirrored E’s. Some Esperantists who aren’t especially fond of this symbol call it la melono [the melon] in mockery – a…

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Merits and Myths Behind Some Esperanto Symbols: The Green Star Posted by on Sep 29, 2015


One of the reasons Esperanto has remained such a recognizable language over the years might have something to do with its branding. Three vibrant, eye-catching symbols mark both the language and the movement associated with it: the verda stelo [green star], the jubilea simbolo [jubilee symbol], and the flago de Esperanto [Esperanto flag]. If you’ve…

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Esperanto Filmoj and the “New Esperanto” Posted by on Sep 26, 2015

Gravity Still

Have you ever heard of the film production company Esperanto Filmoj? You might recognize it from its affiliation with the prominent directors Guillermo del Toro (of Pan’s Labyrinth fame, which Esperanto Filmoj helped make), and Alfonzo Cuarón (the man behind Gravity and Children of Men, as well as the owner of Esperanto Filmoj). Its name…

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“Fundamentals of Esperanto” by Srikanth Reddy Posted by on Aug 31, 2015

Continuing the trend of the last couple of posts, I wanted to share another cultural artifact that speaks to Esperanto’s global reception. This time, I have a poem for you: “Fundamentals of Esperanto,” by Srikanth Reddy. It is a relatively new publication, coming from Reddy’s 2005 collection Facts for Visitors. As I understand it, the…

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