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French Scattegories Posted by on Jun 30, 2009 in Vocabulary

I’ve said before…I LOVE GAMES!  Games are one of the best ways to learn another language as they are often competitive which makes you want to do an even better job and you learn without realizing you are learning, which is quite important.  When looking to purchase the game, I’ve seen it categorized as un jeu de société (board game) as well as un jeu de lettres (word game) and it is both, but it can also be un jeu en ligne (online game).  So, I am proposing that we start our own Scattegories game with the readers of this blog as the contestants.  You’ll get points for all the words that you propose that have not been proposed by any other contestant in each round.  I’ll be the judge as far as whether or not the words actually fit the corresponding categories and I’ll keep track of the points with my own comments.  I think we should shoot for five rounds to begin with to see how much interest you all have in participating and the person with the most points will be crowned Le Roi ou La Reine de Scattegories en Français!

Je vous donne dix catégories et une lettre.  Vous devez répondre avec un mot qui commence avec cette lettre.  Évidement, vous ne devez pas répondre le même que les autres et il faut être créatif.  Bonne chance!

Lettre: D
1. petit déjeuner
2. mode
3. cinéma
4. mer
5. famille
6. animal
7. pays
8. fruit/légume
9. couleur
10. jour

As a side note, you can order a bilingual version of the real Parkers Brothers Scattergories Le Jeu at Toys R Us Canada, for example.

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  1. vidhyaplv:

    Category 1 : du chocolat chaud

  2. vidhyaplv:

    cat 6 : le dinosaure
    cat 7 : le Danemark

  3. Anelieze:

    4. dauphin
    6. dinde
    7. Danemark
    10. dimanche

  4. Mechelle Fogelsong:


    When I was in college 15 years ago, I majored in English, minored in French. I’ve been teaching English at a middle school in the western US for a number of years, coupled with an exploratory class I invented called “Introduction to Foreign Languages” (I’ve also studied some Spanish and Japanese). When the “No Child Left Behind Act” was passed, supplemental classes like choir, band, and foreign language were cut from our small school’s budget in favor of doubling the school’s math and English courses. So I’ve had zero practice at my French in something like five years.

    As the saying goes, if you don’t use it, you lose it. I can feel my French skills slip, slip, slipping away. So this summer, I decided to start renting Netflix movies in French and doing some writing in French, just to help me refresh my memory. One of my writing projects is a little poem. I’d like to add this poem to a painting I’ve done, but I would first like to have someone proofread my peom to see if I have any grammatical errors. Would you be interested? If not, could you recommend someone?

    I was thoroughly impressed with your blog. You seem to be highly skilled at French. In fact, I’ve bookmarked this blog. If I ever get to teach foreign language again, I’ll recommend it to my students!

  5. emmanuel:

    6.Le dogue, dingo
    8.La Datte,La drupe

  6. Chanda:

    It looks like our Scattegories game is getting très intéressant!

  7. Chanda:

    Mechelle- I think your ideas for getting reacquainted with your French are great! I hope you are able to teach foreign language again as it sure seems you have an immense desire and too often I think teachers lose their initial desire in the routine of it all…great teachers have a passion for what they do! As far as your poem, I’m not sure I could do it justice as poetry is not one of my strong points, but maybe if you sent it on to Transparent, they can find someone for you!

  8. Mechelle Fogelsong:

    How do I send it to Transparent? I guess I’m not savvy enough to figure that out.

    It’s a relatively short poem. Would I offend you if I just posted it here? I’m only wanting to make sure the lines use correct grammar. Or you could send me an email and I could send it to you that way. My email address is mfogelsong@buhlschools.org

    You don’t have to be good at poetry to be able to tell me that my verbs are incorrectly conjugated, if you know what I mean…. Thanks. = }

  9. Chanda:

    Sure you can post your poem here Mechelle if you’d like to share it!

  10. Mechelle Fogelsong:

    Anyone who wishes to help me correct my French, is welcome to share their opinions! Here’s my poem and the English version (what it’s supposed to say). I didn’t know how to type accent marks, so all of my e-acutes are shown with an apostrophe instead; there are no accent graves:

    Mes livres (My books)
    Par ecrit, e’dite’, poli, et publie’
    (Written, edited, polished, and published)
    Sont les fruits
    (Are the fruits)
    De mon labeur.
    (Of my labor.)
    Comme branches
    (Like branches)
    Mes bouts des doigts
    (My fingertips)
    Baisse au clavier
    (Kiss the keyboard)
    Produisent les fruits
    (Producing fruits)
    De pense’e provacante,
    (Of provocative thought,)
    Sagacite’, courage, puissance, amour
    (Wisdom, courage, power, love)
    Dans les feuilles de mes livres
    (Within the leaves/pages of my books)
    Etre lu,
    (To be read,)
    Comme poires
    (Like pears)
    Si sucre’
    (So sweet)
    Par les yeux
    (By the eyes)
    Du monde
    (Of the world)

    If I actually said something other than what the translation implies, please correct me!

    In addition to teaching, I write books. So this poem is a study of what writing means to me. I’m going to paint the words on canvas and hang it in my living room as a sort of personal goal. Maybe that sounds cheezy, but it’s the truth. Thanks for your generosity in helping me!

  11. Mechelle Fogelsong:

    Okay, it looks really long now that I’ve posted it, but it’s actually only about 15+ lines. Sorry for hogging blog space!

  12. Chanda:

    So, it looks like Emmanuel is the winner of this round. But, I just wanted to mention that your ‘couleur’ should be ‘doré’; however I can imagine you didn’t have accent marks on your keyboard. And for the next Scattegories game, remember that you can’t enter two answers for the same category. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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