How to introduce yourself/someone in German

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Introducing someone to another one is always a good way to break the ice. The following phrases are very useful for introducing yourself and others.


German Pronunciation English
Darf ich mich vorstellen? Mein Name ist … dArf iH miH foR-shte-luhn? mayn nah-muh ist … May I introduce myself? My name is …
Kennen Sie meine Schwester? ke-nuhn zee may-nuh shves-tuhR kah-tReen Do you know my sister Katrin? (formal)
Kennst du meine Schwester? kenst dew may-nuh shves-tuhR Do you know my sister Katrin? (informal)
Kommen Sie, ich stele Ihnen meine Schwester vor. ko-muhn zee, iH shte-luh ee-nuhn may-nuh shves-tuhR kah-tReen foR Come on, let me introduce my sister Katrin. (formal)
Komm, ich stelle dir meine Schwester vor. kom, iH shte-luh deeR may-nuh shves-tuhR kah-tReen foR Come on, let me introduce my sister Katrin. (informal)
Das ist meine Schwester. dAs ist may-nuhshves-tuhR kah-tReen This is my sister Katrin.


“Nice to meet you”: formal and informal responses

After you have been introduced to someone new, you are usually expected to respond something, which indicates that you appreciate the new acquaintance that you have just made. Note, that there are informal as well as formal ways in German to say something like “nice to meet you”.


So, when you are being introduced to the head of a company keep it formal and respond:


German Pronunciation English
Es freut mich Sie kennenzulernen. es froyt miH, zee ke-nuhn-tsew-leR-nuhn It is a pleasure to meet you.


When you are with friends in more informal situations, for example, at a party, you can opt for informal language and choose one of the following phrases.


German Pronunciation English
Es freut mich, dich kennenzulernen. es froyt miH, diH ke-nuhn-tsew-leR-nuhn Great meeting you.
Freut mich. Froyt miH What a pleasure.
Schön, dich kennenzulernen. Shön, diH ke-nuhn-tswe-leR-nuhn Nice to meet you.
Angenehm. An-guh-naym Pleasant.

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