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Greek Quiz: Past tenses Posted by on Oct 19, 2016

Γεια σας! Time to refresh your grammar! In this post you will find a quiz on the past tenses: Παρατατικός (Past Continuous), Αόριστος (Past Simple), Υπερσυντέλικος (Past Perfect). Καλή τύχη! 1. Όταν η Μαριάνα …….. ο Σταύρος ……… α. διάβαζε / μαγείρευε β. διάβασε / μαγείρεψε 2. Κάθε φορά που με …….. μού …….. χρήματα…

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Greek Children’s songs Posted by on Oct 9, 2016

Γεια σας! In this post there are five children’s songs with their lyrics. They are very old and if you have a Greek γιαγιά (grandmother) or παππού (grandfather) who lived in Greece when they were toddlers, they are likely to remember at least one of them. Φεγγαράκι μου λαμπρό Φεγγαράκι μου λαμπρό φέγγε μου να…

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Speed expressions in Greek Posted by on Sep 28, 2016

One of the most common expressions is “σιγά σιγά”: it means that things will be done in no rush, at one’s own convenience. Literally, it means “slowly slowly”. In this post there is a list of expressions which mean the opposite: at once, promptly, in no time.   άρον άρον: it is a phrase from…

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Greek vocabulary: Professions Posted by on Sep 22, 2016

In this post there is a list of some common professions. Some jobs have two versions, a formal and a colloquial. In most cases, the formal version is rarely used.   αγρότης (ο), αγρότισσα (η): farmer αεροσυνοδός (ο, η): air hostess αθλητής (ο), αθλήτρια (η): athlete ανθοπώλης (ο), ανθοπώλισσα (η): florist αρχαιολόγος (ο, η): archaeologist…

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Common Greek names Posted by on Sep 15, 2016

Γεια σας! If you have Greek friends, Greek names might not sound strange to you. Greek names can be of ancient Greek, Hebrew origin, Roman or Byzantine origin. Below there is a list of some common names with their shortcuts. If you think that there names which must have been included in this list, feel free…

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