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Today, I will show you the adjectives in Hindi. In Hindi, adjectives are called विशेषण (Visheshad).

Visheshad (adjective) is a word that tell us more information of a noun.

In Hindi, adjectives are of 4 types.

1. गुणवाचक विशेषण (Gudvachak Visheshad – Qualitative Adjective)

This adjective tell us a qualitative attribute of a noun.

These adjectives are further divided into 6 types:
a. गुणबोधक (Gunbodhak – Quality)
Examples: अच्छा (accha – good, nice), बुरा (Bura – bad), ईमानदार (imandar – honest),सच्चा (Saccha – true)
b. आकारबोधक (Aakarbodak – Shape)
Examples: लम्बा (Lamba – Long), छोटा (chota – Short), मोटा (mota – thick, fat), गोल (gol – round)
c. स्थानबोधक (Sthanbodak – Place)
Examples: जापानी (japani – Japanese), बाहरी (bahari – outsider), उच्चा (uccha – upper),नीचा (nicha – down)
d. रंगबोधक (Rangbodak – Color)
Examples: लाल (lal – Red),पीला (pila – yellow), सफ़ेद (safed – white),काला (kala – black)
e. स्वाद/गंद बोधक (Svad/Gand bodak – Taste/Smell)
Examples: मीठा (Mitha – Sweet), फ़ीखा (fikha – Tasteless),खट्टा (khatta – Sour), सुघंदित (sughandit – perfumed)
f. अन्य (Any – Miscellaneous)
Examples: मुलायम (mulayam – Soft),जंगली (jangali – Wild),पालतू (paltu – domestic)

2. परिमाणवाचक विशेषण (Parimaad Visheshad– Quantitative Adjective)

This adjective tell us a quantitative attribute of a noun.

These adjective are of 2 types:
a. निश्चित परिमाणवाचक विशेषण (Nishchit Parimaad Visheshad– Definite Quantitative Adjective)
Examples: दो किलो (do kilo – Two kilo), सो मीटर (so meter – Hundred meter)
b. अनिश्चित परिमाणवाचक विशेषण (Anishchit Parimaad Visheshad– Indefinite Quantitative Adjective)
Examples: जायदा (jayda – Plenty, More), कम (kam – Less), कुछ (kuch – some)

3. संज्ञावाचक विशेषण (Sangyavachak Visheshad– Numeral Adjective)

This adjective tell us a numeral attribute of a noun.

These adjectives are of 2 types:
a. निश्चित संज्ञावाचक विशेषण (Nishchit Sangyavachak Visheshad– Definite Numeral Adjective)
Examples: दो (Do – Two), पहला (Pehla – First)
b. अनिश्चित संज्ञावाचक विशेषण (Anishchit Sangyavachak Visheshad– Indefinite Numeral Adjective)
Examples: कई (kai – Many), थोड़े (thodhe – few), कुछ (kuch – some)

4. सार्वनामिक विशेषण (Sarvanaamik Visheshad – Demonstrative Adjective)

The pronoun that is used as adjective for a noun.
Examples: मेरी पुस्तक (meri pustak – my book), किसका काम (kiska kaam – whose work), आपका सामान (aapka saman – your stuff)

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