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In continuing my post on Antonyms in Hindi, I will show the antonyms for some of the common Hindi words. Antonyms in Hindi are called विलोम शब्द (Vilom – Opposite, Shabdh – Words)

Like the first post, I would like to point out some observations as given below

Many antonyms are being made by adding certain prefix. You can find many of them in the table below. They will sound similar after the before-said prefix. Some of the common prefix are अनु (anu), आ (aa), अ (a) , नि (ni) , वि (vi), प्रति (prati), दु (du) etc.

The romanized spellings are given in brackets.

Word Word’s Meaning Antonyms Antonym’s Meaning
सावधान (saavdhaan) careful असावधान (asaavdhaan) careless
दुष्ट (dusht) rogue सज्जन (sajjan) noble
पूर्ति (purti) supply माँग (mang) demand
प्रकाश (prakash) light अंधकार (andhkar) darkness
सबल (sabal) capable निर्बल (nirbal) incapable
संधि (sandhi) joining विच्छेद (viched) division
लायक (laayak) suitable नालायक (naalaayak) unsuitable
मान (maan) value, reputation अपमान (apmaan) humiliations
स्वस्थ (svathy) healthy अस्वस्थ (asvathy) unhealthy
धनी (dhani) rich निर्धन (nirdhan) poor
पूर्व (purv) before अपूर्व (apurv) unprecedented
सुख (sukh) happiness दुःख (dukh) sadness
जय (jai) victory, hail पराजय (parajay) defeat
सरल (saral) simple, banal कठिन (kathin) difficult, complicated
बंधन (bandhan) attachment मुक्ति (mukti) freedom
प्रात (praat) morning साय (saay) evening
सुन्दर (sundar) beautiful असुंदर (asundhar), कुरूप (kurup) ugly
गुरु (guru) master, teacher शिष्य (shishy) student
पाप (paap) sin, crime पुण्य (purny) alms-deed
निंदा (ninda) condemnation स्तुति (stuti), प्रशंशा (prashansha) praise
स्वदेश (svadesh) fatherland, home country विदेश (videsh) foreign land
दास (daas) slave स्वामी (svaami) master
दोषी (doshi) guilty निर्दोषी (nirdhoshi) innocent
जीवन (jeevan) life मरण (maran) dying
शिक्षित (shikshit) literate अशिक्षित (ashikshit) illiterate
उन्नति (unnatti) progress अवनति (avnati) decline
सुगंध (sughand) scent दुर्गन्ध (durgand) foul smell
विष (vish) poison अमृत (amrit) elixir
यश (yash) fame अपयश (apyash) ill-fame
संजीव (sanjeev) live निर्जीव (nirjeev) dead
सदाचार (sadaachaar) got treatment दुराचार (duraachaar) bad treatment
धरती (darati) earth, soil, ground आकाश (aakash) sky
परतंत्र (partantr) foreign rule स्वतंत्र (svatantr) self-rule
राग (raag) attachment, passion विराग (viraag) alienation, dispassion
मंगल (mangal) auspicious अमंगल (amangal) inauspicious
भला (bhalaa) kind बुरा (bura) bad
रक्षक (rakshak) one who protects भक्षक (bhakshak) one who eats
निर्गुण (nirgun) without good attributes सगुण (sagun) with good attribute
उत्थान (utthan) development पतन (patan) decline

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