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Cricket (the sport, not the insect) is a national pastime in India. It’s ironic because cricket is not a sport native to India. It was introduced to India by the British, and it still remains as one of the most popular sports in India. As of March 2010, the Indian cricket team was ranked first by the ICC or the International Cricket Council (Go India!). Never heard of cricket? It’s a game consisting of a batter, who wields a flat bat and a pitcher who throws a ball at the batter.

Cricket is an emotionally invested sport. When the Indian team loses, Indian fans do not react kindly. In the past, the police have had to intervene in fan riots. When the Indian team wins, fans go wild. There’s also a women’s cricket team, but the men’s team have been much more successful. As the Indian cricket team rises in prominence, people are starting to wonder whether the sport is being corrupted. Currently, the Indian Premier League is being investigated for financial reasons.

Cricket is no longer just a sport anymore. It has taken center stage, involving politics and money. I guess there’s a price to pay for being a successful cricket team. Here’s a nostalgic video of the time when India defeated England in 2007 :

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