Hindi Crossword Puzzle – I

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Many of you may enjoy solving crossword puzzles. Crossword puzzle is a very interesting way not just to exercise brain but also learning new vocabulary. Knowing that, I have made a Hindi crossword puzzle for you.

The aim of this crossword puzzle is to reinforce high frequency words in Hindi as well as their romanized spellings. All Hindi words in this puzzle are using their romanized spellings so a Hindi word such as “मैं” is “Main” in puzzle, be careful!

To make the puzzle little easier for you, the clues for the words are their respective translation in English.If you want to submit your answers, you can do so by writing on our Facebook page’s wall or by sending me a message through our comment section of this page.

Hindi Crossword Puzzle

Hindi Crossword Puzzle


Across 1. you 6. self 8. water 9. and 11. for 12. equal 16. more 17. bad 18. ahead

Down 2. above 3. in front 4. wife 5. behind 7. name 10. family 13. good 14. all 15. food

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