Important One Word Substitutions in Hindi

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If you have to describe an idea, thing or person with some attributes in single word in Hindi, how would you do it?

In Hindi, you can use one word substitutions to express such a noun or adjective. There are many one word substitutions in Hindi but in this post, I would like to give you an overview of some of the important ones only.

So, let’s go through some the important one word substitutions in Devanagari scripts and their translation in English.

1. जिसके नीचे रेखा खींची गयी हो। (Under which a line is marked) – रेखांकित (Rekhaankit – Underlined).

2. जिसके पार देखा जा सके। (Through which can be seen) – पारदर्शी (Paardarshi – Transparent).

3. अपनी हत्या स्वयं करने वाला। (One who kills himself) – आत्मघाती (Aatmghaati – Suicide).

4. जिस पर मुकदमा चल रहा हो। (One who is under trial) – अभियुक्त (Abhiyukt – Accused).

5. किसी के प्रति आमंगल की भावना। (An ill feeling toward someone) – अभिशाप (Abhishaap –  Curse).

6. आकाश को चूमने वाली । (A building that can touch Sky) – गगनचुम्बी (Gaganchumbi –  Sky Scraper)

7. जो बात पहले कभी ना हुई हो (Which is not been heard before) – अभूतपूर्व (Abhutpurv – Unprecedented)

8. जिसे बहुत आवश्यक हो । (Thing which is very necessary)  – अनिवार्य (Anivaariy – Mandatory)

9. जो कभी ना मरे । (One who can not die) – अमर (Amar – Immortal)

10. इतिहास का जानकर । (One who knows history) – इतिहासकार (Itihaskar – Historian)

11. सत्य आचरण के प्रति – आग्रह। (Appeal for a honest behavior) – सत्याग्रह (Satyagrah).

12. अवस्था या दशा में बराबरी की स्थिति। (A state of equivalence) – संतुलन (Santulan –  Balance).

13. जहा पुस्तके पढने के लिए राखी जाती हो (the place where books are kept for reading) – पुस्तकालय (Pustakaliye – Library)

14. उत्तराधिकार में मिली सामग्री। (Things received from an inheritance) – विरासत (Viraasat – Heritage).

15. जानने की इच्छा रखने वाला । (One who wish to know) – जिज्ञासु (Jigyasu – Curious)

16. जो कानून के विरुद्ध हो । (Thing which is against law) – अवैध (Avadh –  Illegal)

17. जो कम से जी चुराता हो । (One who doesn’t want to work) – कामचोर (Kamchor – Do-Nothing/Chairwarmer)

18. जिसके ह्रदय में दया ना हो । (One who has no compassion in his heart) – निर्दय (Nirday – Cruel)

19. अनेक विषयों में रूचि और ज्ञान रखने वाला। (One who is interested and educated in many subjects) – बहुमुखी (Bahumukhi –  Multifaceted).

20. विरोध स्वरूप किसी वस्तु, विचार आदि से अलग होना। (To separate himself from things, ideas etc in order to protest) – बहिष्कार (Bahishkaar – Boycott).

21. किसी कार्य को पूरा करने के लिए स्प्रौत-साधन। (Materials to complete a task) – संसाधन (Sansaadhan –  Resources).

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