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Today, I have another beautiful poem that I thought sharing with you. This poem is about morning and the expressions are beautifully rendered into words by भवानीप्रसाद मिश्र (Bhawani Prasad Mishra), a famous Hindi poet.

The poem is in Hindi and I have translated (literal) it in English. Hope you will enjoy.

कविता (Kavita – Poem) : सूरज का गोला (Suraj ka Gola – The ball of Sun)

सूरज का गोला
इसके पहले ही कि निकलता

The ball of Sun,
before it step out,

चुपके से बोला, हमसे – तुमसे, इससे – उससे
कितनी चीजों से

whisper to me, to you, to this and him,
to many things,

चिडियों से पत्तों से
फूलो – फल से, बीजों से-

to sparrows, to leaves,
to flowers and fruits, to seeds.

“मेरे साथ – साथ सब निकलो
घने अंधेरे से
कब जागोगे, अगर न जागे, मेरे टेरे से?”

step out with me,
from the total darkness,
when you will be awake, if not, from my request?

आगे बढकर आसमान ने
अपना पट खोला

Stepping ahead, Sky,
Opened his doors.

इसके पहले ही कि निकलता
सूरज का गोला

Before it could come out,
the ball of Sun.

फिर तो जाने कितनी बातें हुईं
कौन गिन सके इतनी बातें हुईं

Thereafter, how many things happened,
how someone can count so many things,

पंछी चहके कलियां चटकी
डाल – डाल चमगादड लटकी

Birds tweeted, buds pullulated,
Bats hanged out on the tree branch.

गांव – गली में शोर मच गया
जंगल – जंगल मोर नच गया

villages and streets became live with sound,
Peacock start dancing in the forests.

जितनी फैली खुशियां
उससे किरनें ज्यादा फैलीं

Of that much happiness spread,
more than that spread the rays of Sun.

ज्यादा रंग घोला
और उभर कर ऊपर आया
सूरज का गोला

More colors were mixed,
and it emerge out more,
the ball of Sun.

सबने उसकी आगवानी में
अपना पर खोला ।

All in his leadership,
opened their wings.

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  1. swaati ahluwalia 22 May 2012 at 4:14 am #

    amazing wrk man….
    it’s sch a beautiful description of the morning….

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    you want to shot the name of the poet

  3. Sai Sathvik 3 September 2013 at 1:08 pm #

    It is the same poem at my book for sixth

  4. zoya 14 October 2013 at 1:36 pm #

    I think the poem should be more short but still its execallent

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    bas mein kho gai bahut achchi pioem hai

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