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Suffix (प्रत्यय – Pratyaya) are very important elements of Hindi grammar. Many Hindi words can be created using suitable suffix. The majority of Hindi words are created by the combination of a nouns or word derived from verbs and suffix.

For example, the word “खिलौना” (Khilona – Toy) is a combination of noun “खेल” (Khel – Play/Game/Match) and suffix “औना” (aana). As you can see, an interesting noun came into existence when a noun and suffix is combined.

In this post, I would like to discuss the primary suffix in Hindi. These are called कृत प्रत्यय (Krit Pratyaya) in Hindi. These suffix when added to a root of the word, forms a noun or adjective.

There are 5 different kinds of primary suffix in Hindi. These are:

1. कृत्तवाचक कृत प्रत्यय (Karttavaachak) – Subject Suffix 

These suffix indicates the subject of the verb.

Suffix Word Root Example Word
अक्कड़ (akkad) भूल (bhul) भुलक्कड़ (Bhulakkad – one who forgets)
ऊ (u) कमा (kamaa) कमाऊ (Kamaau – one who earns)
इया (iyaa) घट (ghat) घटिया (Ghatiya – Bad)
वाला (vaala) पड़ (pad) पड़नेवाला (Padnevaala – one who reads)
आऊ (aau) टिक (tikau) टिकाऊ (Tikaau – Durable)
हार (haar) होना (hona) होनहार (Honhaar – Promising)
दार (daar) लेन (len) लेनदार (Lendar – Creditor)
आलु (aalu) दया (Daya – Mercy) दयालु (Dayaalu – Kind)

2. कर्मवाचक (Karmavaachak) कृत प्रत्यय – Objective Suffix

These suffix indicates the object of the verb.

Suffix Word Root Example Word
औना (aauna) खेल (Khel – Game) खिलौना (Khilauna – Toy)
नी (ni) चट (chat) चटनी (Chatani – Sauce)
ना (na) खा (kha) खाना (Khaana – Food, verb. to eat)

3. भाववाचक (Bhaavavaachak) कृत प्रत्यय –  Abstract Suffix

These suffix forms abstract nouns.

Suffix Word Root Example Word
आन (aan) उड़ (ud) उड़ान (Udaan)
आई (aai) लिख (likh) लिखाई (Likhai – Writing)
इया (iyaa) सज (saj) सजावट (Sajaavat – Decoration)
ई (ee) बोल (Bol) बोली (Boli – Language)
आहट (aahat) घबरा (Ghabra) घबराट (Ghabraat – Nervousness)
आव (aav) बह (bah) बहाव (Bahaav – Flow)
औती (aauti) कट (kat) कटौती (Katauti – Deduction)

4. करणवाचक (Karanavaachak) कृत प्रत्यय – Instrument Suffix

These suffix indicates the instrument with which the action has been done.

Suffix Word Root Example Word
ई (ee) खेत (Khet) खेती (Kheti – Farming)
ना (naa) ढक (Dhak) ढकना (Dhakna – verb. to cover)

5. संस्कृत प्रत्यय – Suffix from Sanskrit 

As the name suggest, these suffix are from Sanskrit.

Suffix Word Root Example Word
य (ya) पे (Pe) पेय (Peya – Drink)
व्य (vya) श्रे(Sre) श्रेय (Sheya – Credit)

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