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India is a land of numerous festivals. These numerous festivals are associated with different religions, cultures, regions, seasons etc. You might be surprised by some festival celebration around mid-April if you are visiting India or perhaps in your own city by an Indian community. Let me show you an important festival which is celebrated around mid-April in India.

Vaisakhi which is also known as Baisakhi, is an important festival which is celebrated in the spring season in the north India. The festival is known by different names in the different region though the essence is the same. The festival is celebrated on the occasion of crop harvest however it may also has some religious significance. It is usually celebrated around 13th or 14th April each year.

The festival is important to people of Punjab, a north Indian state. It not only signify the crop harvest season for them but also holds a religious significance. People could be seen to go to their religious sites and offering several voluntary services such as free food and cold drinks to passerby. People could be seen doing Bhangra, a traditional dance which rise their spirit for the crop harvest which would begin on the following day. This traditional dance is the most energetic Indian dance you could imagine. If you would love to dance, you won’t be able to stop your feet.

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Sikh community could be seen celebrated this festival not only in India but in many other countries where they have migrated.

For Hindus, the festival marks the beginning of a New Year.  For them, the festival means worshiping in the temples and social gathering especially in the villages. The festival is associated with many legends.  The festival also has an important significance for Buddhist.  It is also celebrated in Nepal and Sri Lanka because of large Hindu and Buddhist communities in both of these countries.

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