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Word puzzles are great way to learn and practice the vocabulary. From previous word puzzles, I got a good response from our members. So, I will present a new word puzzle and topic for you.

This puzzle will introduce to you the vocabulary of clothes (कपड़े - Kapde). Some of you may already know some vocabulary relating to clothes and may find this puzzle an opportunity to practice your vocabulary.  All Hindi words in this puzzle are using their romanized Hindi spellings so a Hindi word such as “साड़ी” is “Saadi” in puzzle, so be careful!

All of the words are given in the hint section so as to make your search easier. The respective translations in English are also given in the brackets.

word search clothes

word search on clothes


Pagadi (Turban), Kameez (Shirt), Pant (Pant), Saadi (Saree), Jute (Shoes), Dhoti (rectangular piece of unstitched cloth which is wrapped around the waist and the legs and knotted at the waist), Kurta (a loose long shirt), Salwar (loose pajama-like trousers), Dastar (Turban for Sikhs), Lungi (a traditional garment worn around the waist), Topi (Cap), Sherwani ( long coat-like garment worn), Ghagra (a form of skirt which is long, embroidered and pleated), Choli (Bodice), Pajama (Pajamas), Lehenga (a form of skirt which is long, embroidered and pleated, same as Ghagra) and Dupatta ( long, multi-purpose scarf).

For those who wish to check out Devanagari spellings (Hindi) in the same order: पगड़ी, कमीज़, पेंट, साड़ी, जूते, धोती, कुर्ता, सलवार, दस्तर, लुंगी, टोपी , शेरवानी, गागर, चोली, पजामा, लेहेंगा और दुपट्टा.

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