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How about a word puzzle on an important and interesting topic?

I know that many of you really want to learn the vocabulary on this topic so today, I have made a word search puzzle on it. This puzzle will introduce to you to Hindi vocabulary of family relations. All Hindi words in this puzzle are using their romanized Hindi spellings so a Hindi word such as “पिता” is “Pita” in puzzle, so be careful!

Please note that when you greet or having a conversation with elder, it is formal to use “ji” at the end of some of these words. For example:  Pitaji, Maamaji, Bauji and so on. Cousins are not differentiated in the vocabulary and cousin(s) brother/sister is addressed normally as brother/sister.

All of the words are given in the hint section so as to make your search easier. The respective translations in English are also given in the brackets.

Word Search Puzzle on Family Relations in Hindi

Word Search Puzzle on Family Relations in Hindi


Pita (Father), Mata (Mother), Bhai (Brother), Behan (Sister), Beti (Daughter), Beta (Son), Patni (Wife), Pati (Husband), Chaachi (Aunt), Chaacha (Uncle), Pota (Grandson), Poti (Granddaughter), Dada (Grandfather), Dadi (grandmother), Bhatiji (Niece), Bhatija (Nephew), Maama (Maternal-Uncle), Maami (Maternal-Uncle’s Wife), Mausi (Maternal-Aunt), Mausa (Maternal-Aunt’s Husband), Bua (Parental-Aunt) and Fufa (Parental-Aunt’s Husband)

For those who wish to check out Devanagari spellings (Hindi) in the same order: पिता, मां, भाई, बहन, बेटी, बेटा, पत्नी, पति, चाची, चाचा, पोता, पोती, दादा, दादी, भतीजी, भतीजा, मामा, मामी, मौसी, मौसा, बुआ और फूफा 

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