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Learn languages for free on Byki ListCentral Posted by on Sep 4, 2008 in Reference/Usage Tips

People who own Byki Deluxe can author their own Byki lists. Sometimes they choose to share those lists by uploading them to ListCentral, Byki.com’s language-learning community. When you share a Byki list on ListCentral, anybody in the world can use it in multiple ways, including:

  • Learning it on ListCentral using Byki Web
  • Downloading it to Byki Express or Byki Deluxe to learn on a computer
  • Rating it, tagging it, and commenting on it for other Byki users to see
  • Marking it as a favorite Byki list

Over 1,000 free Byki lists

You never have to stop learning a language for free. With over 1,000 free Byki lists full of user-generated words and phrases at your disposal, you can keep adding items to your My Learned Items reservoir. Experiment with multiple languages. Find vocabulary for specific topics. The possibilities are endless: imagine what you can accomplish for free on Byki.com in almost no time at all!

Visit Byki.com ListCentral and download as many Byki lists as you want to Byki Express.

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About the Author:Evan Quinlan

I lead the Product Management team at Transparent Language and spend much time pondering deeply the nature of language software.


  1. sayed:

    i am glad to see this web site,i am from bangladesh and there is no oppurtunity in my counrty to learn swedish language.moreover i want to get adnission a course which is run by swedish language.
    i hpoe i will learn through it swedish language

  2. Language Bear:

    Interesting program, I’ve used it a bit, but I’m not happy that I have to download all of the flash card databases in order to use them. Some of them only have a dozen or so cards in them.

    I’ve been using these pre-made flash cards with hundreds of words already available at: http://www.theLanguageBear.com/flash.php

    No login, no download, no setup..

  3. Junior:

    Have just had a look at language bear : /

    Stick with Byki people! 100% better : )

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