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Free Online German Lesson: Oktoberfest Posted by on Sep 16, 2015 in Language Learning, Product Recommendations

Every September, the streets on Munich are overrun by a 16-day folk festival known fondly as Oktoberfest. (Yes, Oktoberfest begins in September.) While more than 7 million litres of beer were served at Oktoberfest last year, there’s a lot more to the festival than beer, prestzels, and Lederhosen. Did you know Oktoberfest has a history spanning more than 200 years?

This is the kind of stuff that brings the German language and culture to life; the stuff both students and teachers wish they could find in their textbooks. And we’re bringing it to you in this interactive German lesson powered by Transparent Language Online.

Pick up some German and some fun Oktobefest facts in this free lesson!

Pick up some German and some fun Oktobefest facts in this free lesson!

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