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Shed Light on Diwali with this Free Hindi Lesson Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in Language Learning, Language News

Happy Diwali, language learners!

Every fall marks the celebration of Diwali (दिवाली) or Diipaavali (दीपावली), the Celebration of Lights. This five-day festival is eagerly awaited by Hindus and Indians irrespective of their religion. It is celebrated by Sikhs, Buddhists, and Jains alike.  Diwali also knows no bounds in terms of region and is celebrated all across India with fervor.

Join us in celebrating Diwali with this free Hindi Diwali lesson powered by Transparent Language Online. In this lesson, you’ll learn the history and traditions of Diwali, including the special significance of each day of the festival, and pick up enough Hindi vocabulary to celebrate with!

free diwali vocabulary lesson

free diwali vocabulary lesson

free diwali vocabulary lesson

Looking for other ways to celebrate Diwali in your classroom or public library? Host a Diwali night with any or all of the following features:

  • Serve authentic Indian cuisine (a local restaurant would likely to be willing to donate light fare!)
  • Make rangoli, all you need is some colored rice or powder and a lot of creativity. Provide the materials and let everyone create their own design.
  • Provide a henna tattoo artist to decorate children’s hands with beautiful designs.
  • Hire a storyteller to enchant attendees with the history and mythology behind Diwali.
  • Play a Bollywood film or Indian music in the background for people to enjoy while sampling food or waiting for a henna tattoo.
  • Hand out diyas to those in attendance. What would a festival of lights be without lights?
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  1. Aviabilietai:

    Really interesting! I never thought about it.

  2. Ramachandran:

    I feel I would get more confidence if I speak more in hindi with some one. I feel a bit hesitant in hindi as I feel I would commit grammatical mistakes while speaking. Hence to gain confidence I am looking for a tutor to speak with him or her in hindi say for about half an hour every day till I gain confidence. I stay at Bangalore and I need help. I am prepared to pay the necessary tuition fee.

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