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Introducing Transparent Language Online for Spanish Speakers Posted by on Jul 5, 2017

Un idioma nunca es suficiente. That’s why we’re now helping you learn other languages using Spanish. Transparent Language has typically taught other languages via English—a great solution for native English speakers or those who feel comfortable learning in the language. Given the global demand for language skills, though, it’s time for us to step up…

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The 3 Most-Repeated Language Learning Rules Posted by on Jul 3, 2017

We often hear the same tips, tricks, rules and advice from master language learners. Do they even have any meaning any more? Nobody listens to the safety instructions on an airplane. They’re always the same. Something something seatbelt, something something no smoking, something something seat backs tray tables “brace brace” electronic devices. I fool myself…

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Learning a Foreign Language Is Not Obsolete Posted by on Jun 28, 2017

In 2011, Michael Sinanian claimed that “translation technology will evolve within the next five to ten years to make the process instantaneous and transparent to the end-user, rendering foreign language competency effectively useless.” It’s not the only claim of its kind, though it is one of the most audacious. Well, it’s been 6 years and we’re…

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Can You Speak Before Understanding? Posted by on Jun 26, 2017

When you learn a language, you generally are able to say less than you can understand. But is that always the case? I got a fair amount of pushback on this comic. I guess it’s not as obvious to everyone else as it is to me that when you’re learning a language, you first understand,…

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8 African Languages You Can Learn with Transparent Language Online Posted by on Jun 21, 2017

Here at Transparent Language, we believe in the value of every language, regardless of the number of speakers, the economic value, or otherwise. That’s why we offer 100 languages in Transparent Language Online and continue to add new ones each year. For those interested in learning African languages, we currently offer courses and learning materials…

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