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How internet is changing the way we talk? How to translate some abbreviations to Polish?

Posted on 22. Mar, 2015 by in Internet, Phrases

When it comes to the way we communicate with each other, it’s obvious the Internet influenced some major changes: Email superseded snail mail, Facebook pretty much swallowed the idea of calling someone and wishing them a happy birthday, our job hunts are conducted through LinkedIn…

Image by nicolasnova on

Image by nicolasnova on

It’s slightly less in-your-face, but the Internet is also shifting the words we use to speak to one another, not just the way we choose to communicate. Our obsession with the Internet even influences the simple act of talking – out loud, in real life (IRL, if you prefer). Certain acronyms, neologisms, and abbreviations have infiltrated everyday speech – if I say something like “OMG, WTF, why did this happen?,” most people would know what I’m talking about. Since people often communicate online and through text messages, truncated turns of phrase and space-saving emoticons are now mainstream.

Here are some popular abbreviations in both Polish and English:

2U2 – To You Too – Wzajemnie

4 – For – Dla

4U – For you – Dla ciebie/Dla was

ABT – About – Mniej więcej, w przybliżeniu

ATM – At the moment – W tym momencie

BBL – Be back later – Bedę później

ADN – Any day now – Na dniach

AKA – Also known as – Znane (-y/-a) także jako

ASAP – As soon as possible – Tak szybko jak to jest możliwe

BION – Believe it or not – Choć trudno w to uwierzyć

BRB – Be right back – Zaraz wracam

EOM – End of message – Koniec wiadomości

IOU – I owe you – jestem ci winien przysługę

J/K – Just kidding – Tylko żartuję

IMO – In my opinion – Moim zdaniem

LOL – Laughing out loud – śmiać się głośno

NRN – Not right now – Nie teraz

TBH – To be honest – Szczerze mówiąc

THX – Thanks – Dzięki

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)




As non Polish citizen, do you have to pay for the education of your child during your stay in Poland?

Posted on 12. Mar, 2015 by in Education, Kids

Image by Krzysztof Pacholak on

Image by Krzysztof Pacholak on

Recently, some of my friends asked me this question. After doing some researching, this is what I came up with!

Education (edukacja) is free of charge for foreign children (dzieci obcokrajowców) in public elementary schools, gymnasiums and secondary schools until the child turns 18 or completes the school he was enrolled in before turning 18 (e.g. in comprehensive high school). Exceptions are listed below:

post-secondary schools (szkoły policealne)
post-secondary schools for adults (szkoły policealne dla dorosłych)
artistic schools (szkoły artystyczne)
teacher training schools (szkoły nauczycielskie)

Foreigners learning in a public post-secondary school, post-secondary school for adult education or teacher training school pay the equivalent of 1,500 euros for each year of study. In public arts and music schools the fee is the equivalent of 3,000 euros, and in ballet schools, circus art schools and post-secondary colleges for librarians and organizers of cultural activities it is 4,500 euros per year of study. For the first year of study all of the above fees are increased by 200 euro. For a period of study shorter than a school year, the fee shall be paid in proportion to the planned duration of the studies.

In justified cases, the school authorities may agree for the fee to be paid at a later date than the day before classes begin, or to payment in installments (płatność w ratach). In the case of a foreigner in financial difficulty the school authorities may – at the request of a parent or guardian of a minor foreigner or at the request an adult foreigner himself – exempt the student from all or part of the tuition fees.

In every case the fee is paid into a current account – the sub-account for the school authority in PLN, as calculated using the average exchange rate of EUR to PLN of the  Polish National Bank announced for the day of the bank transfer.

Attendance in public kindergartens (przedszkola) for children who are not Polish citizens is payable on the same basis as for Polish children.

Can you apply for a grant or waiver of fees if you can not afford all the expenses of your child’s education? Depending on your status as a foreigner in Poland, your child may or may not be eligible for social assistance. For persons entitled to such assistance, the Polish social welfare system (Polski system opieki społecznej) provides for financing of the purchase of school books for children and free lunches in the school cafeteria.

Many schools also administer some kind of aid fund for children from the poorest families – most often a part of the contribution to the Parents’ Council is spent for this purpose. Thus it is possible to apply to the school’s Parents’ Council or a given form’s Council (representation of parents of students in a given class) for an exemption or reduction of fees, funding for a child’s participation in class trips, etc. Such benefits are also available to Polish parents in difficult circumstances, so it is nothing unusual to make such a request.

You should also familiarize yourself with the current offer of assistance programs for migrants made available by Polish NGOs.

Every child that is not a Polish citizen is entitled to additional free classes of instruction in the Polish language held in the school he attends for the first 12 months, not less than 2 lessons per week (in Poland a lesson hour is 45 minutes). The weekly schedule and  number of hours is set by the school headmaster in consultation with the entity organising the classes. These classes may take the form of individual or group lessons, depending on the situation in the school. The total amount of additional free lessons in  Polish and remedial courses in other subjects can not be greater than five hours per week per student.

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

Dzień Kobiet! Polish rhymes and wishes for beautiful women all over the world!

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As most of you know, today is a Women’s Day in Poland (and not only in Poland)!

In Poland, Women’s Day (Dzień Kobiet) is celebrated as a national holiday for all women, regardless of age. In different regions the focus of the celebrations ranges from a general celebration of respect, appreciation and love toward women to a celebration of women’s economic, political and social achievements. It was and still is one of the biggest celebrations in Poland and other Eastern European countries.

Image by ali eminov on

Image by ali eminov on

Women are flooded with attention (uwaga), flowers (kwiaty), sweets (słodkości), small gifts (małe upominki/prezenty) and their favorite foods (ulubione dania/potrawy), not only privately, but at work and schools.

Today I have few little rhymes that you can write on a card to your favorite Polish woman:)

Raz do roku jest taki dzień,
który przemija, jak piękny sen.
Wszystkie kobiety, panie i matki
w dniu tym dostają pachnące kwiatki.
Ja kwiatów nie mam dla Ciebie,
tylko przesyłam w życzeniach sam siebie.

There is this special day once a year
that passes, like a beautiful dream.
All women, ladies and mothers
 Are given beautiful, fragrant flowers.
I do not have flowers for you,
I just send in wishes myself.

Tajemnicą jesteś,
z księgi czarów – zbiegłą,
mgłą zaklętą,
którą nieliczni tylko przejdą.
Kobieto – puchu marny,
a nie do zdobycia.
Kobieto – ile w tym słowie
– piękna, miłości i życia.

You’re a mystery,
from the book of spells – runaway,
enchanted mist,
that only a few will go.
Woman – down sleazy,
and not to get.
Woman – how much in this word
- Beauty, love and life.

Przyjmij życzenia Babko kochana
od drugiej Baby z samego rana,
niech Twój dzień cały będzie radosny
trzymaj się Babo, aby do wiosny!

Take the wishes dear girlfriend
From your girlfriend in the morning,
let your whole day will be joyful
Girlfriend, hold on to the spring!

Marzec wyjął grosik srebrny,
Teraz będzie mu potrzebny.
Do kwiaciarni marzec pobiegł,
Kupić bukiet na Dzień Kobiet.

March took a silver penny,
Now it will be needed.
March ran to the florist,
To buy Women’s Day bouquet.

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Till next time!…..Do następnego razu!