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Here is a great rhyme by Julian Tuwim which most of little kids in Poland know by heart! I really like it:) Try memorizing it!



Abecadło z pieca spadło,

O ziemię się hukło,

Rozsypało się po kątach,

Strasznie się potłukło:

I  zgubiło kropeczkę,

H  złamało kładeczkę,

B  zbiło sobie brzuszki,

A  zwichnęło nóżki,

O  jak balon pękło,

aż się P przelękło.

T  daszek zgubiło,

L  do U wskoczyło,

S  się wyprostowało,

R  prawą nogę złamało,

W  stanęło do góry dnem

i udaje, że jest M.

The ABCs

The ABCs fell off the mantelpiece,

Slammed against the ground,

They scattered into all four corners,

And shattered all around:

misplaced its dot,

is strangely squat,

bruised its belly,

A‘s legs turned to jelly,

popped like a balloon,

causing P to swoon,

lost its hat,

jumped into U, just like that,

straightened out,

broken right leg no doubt,

is head-over-heels,

discovering exactly how M feels.

See below video with pronunciation:

YouTube Preview Image


Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

Retirement age raise?

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Thousands of people from across Poland demonstrated noisily today outside Parliament to protest government plans to raise the retirement age to 67.

The law currently allows women to retire at age 60 and men at 65, but Prime Minister Donald Tusk wants to raise the retirement age to 67 for all Poles, saying it will increase pensions while reducing state debt.

The plan, supported by many economists, has angered the public. The unions are deeply unsatisfied by a new agreement the ruling coalition parties reached Thursday that would allow people to go into partial retirement earlier but with lowered monthly payments for the rest of their lives.

The protesters, blowing horns and carrying Solidarity white-and-red banners, were equally vocal.

“People are not strong enough to work as long as machines, 48 years, it is physically impossible,” said Arkadiusz Maziar, a 40-year-old coal miner from Zory, in southern Poland.

“Tusk is an office clerk and he will never understand this. I am here to defend the people,” he said.

Danuta Nowaczek, a 50-year-old cook from Zabrze, in the South, does not believe that longer work would markedly improve her pension, or that she will live to benefit from it.

“This is a joke, this plan and I don’t want to work longer,” Nowaczek said. “My father did not even live to get his retirement” at 65.

The crowd showed their anger as the lawmakers were debating a motion signed by some 1.4 million Solidarity supporters to hold a referendum on the matter.

Later in the day lawmakers voted 233-180 to reject the motion for a referendum. The referendum, which was not expected to get support, would almost certainly have meant the end of Tusk’s pension reform ambitions due to its unpopularity.

retirement – przejście na emeryturę

demonstration – demonstracja

pension – renta, emerytura

lawmakers – ustawodawcy

protesters – protestanci, demonstranci

What is your opinion about retirement age?

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

Books for kids learning Polish

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Today I wanted to share with you some of to books and games I use to teach my daughter Polish.

I talk to her in Polish all the time. So it is not really specifically teaching as much as just living your everyday life and doing what you normally would do with your kids, except you do it in Polish.

My husband learns a lot while he listens to us or when he plays with us…so these books are really not only for kids, but also for adults.

Take a look at the video  with books and games I describe.

YouTube Preview Image

Simple “dictionary type” books are probably the easiest to buy and there is usually a big choice of them. I have two books that were given to me by someone from Poland. They have simple words in both Polish and English:

“Słownik obrazkowy angielski” Anna Wiśniewska, Joanna Myjak

“Dzieci uczą się angielskiego” Centrum Edukacji Dziecięcej

I found a really nice book here in the States as well:

“Open Sesame”. It has Sesame Street characters and it is like a dictionary as well. It gives you every day life words in both Polish and English.

I use a lot of board books to make them “my own bilingual books”. They usually have big pictures with simple words. I just write the name of the word in Polish as well. I usually use a different color pen, so it’s not confusing. I do it with books, puzzles and games. Really easy and fun:)

Two bilingual books that I mentioned in the video are:

“Bezpieczne miejsce małej małpki” (Little monkey’s one safe place) Richard Edwards, Susan Winter

“Wars i Sawa” Katarzyna Małkowska

I also mentioned 3 books that are in Polish only, but I thought they were great.

These 2 come with the music cd and rymes are great for teaching games and exercising with kids:

“Rymowane zabawianki, masażyki i kołysanki” by different authors

“Rymowana gimnastyka dla smyka” by different authors as well

And the last one is “Książeczka – wycieczka po miastach i miasteczkach” Eliza Piotrowska.

This one has short rhymes about different cities in Poland and next to each rhyme there is a picture with map of Poland and it shows where the  particular city is situated.

If you have different ideas and different books you like, please share it with us in comments below.

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)