Movimento Gota D’Agua

Posted on 28. Nov, 2011 by in Brazilian News, Environment

With the growth of Brazil’s economy has come the need for more energy. The government proposed a plan for a hydroelectric plant called Belo Monte, which is under construction in the state of Pará. But because of environmental concerns and the displacement of indigenous tribes, the project has come under fire. Earlier this month, Brazilian celebrities created a video as part of a protest to stop the construction of the dam.

Watch the video and try to answer the questions.

YouTube Preview Image


1. What action do the celebrities ask viewers to take to help protest the dam?

2. How big will the plant be?

3. How much will the project cost?

While the video has helped rally support against Belo Monte, it’s also inspired parodies, like this one from comedian Rafinha Bastos.

YouTube Preview Image

Answers after the jump.


1. To sign a petition online

2. The third largest in the world

3. 30 billion reais


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