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Brazilian Cinema Posted by on Sep 11, 2015

O Som ao Redor Movie Still

Olá, gente (Hey, guys!) Those who se esforçam (strive) to learn a foreign language know that the best way to aperfeiçoar suas habilidades (improve their skills) is to immerse oneself in a culture. A great way to do that is to assistir filmes (watch movies), because not only are viewers continuously exposed to the target…

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Expressions related to food in Portuguese Posted by on Sep 7, 2015

Photo by Oliver

Olá todo mundo! Tudo joia? This is for all the food lovers out there: some expressions that are a piece of cake to learn.   Mamão com açúcar – papaya with sugar Explicação: you say something is “papaya with sugar” when it is easy to do, it would be the equivalent of “piece of cake”…

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Belo Horizonte Posted by on Sep 6, 2015

Although as praias ensolaradas (the sunny beaches) off the coast of Brazil or large cosmopolitan cities like São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro may be among the top destinations for tourists in this country, other popular yet less-known places still offer muitas razões (plenty of reasons) for a visit, like the city of Belo Horizonte.…

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Gênero (gender) em Português Posted by on Aug 31, 2015

Photo by Thomas Rousing

In Portuguese all the nomes e pronomes (nous and pronouns) have a gender. They are always either feminine or masculine. Even though it might be easy to tell which ones are feminine and which ones are masculine – since femininos usually end in “a” and masculinos in “o” – there are some exceptions which are…

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Oi, gente! (Hey, you guys!) Posted by on Aug 25, 2015

Essa sou eu! (That's me!)

Olá, Gente (Hey, you guys!) My name is Carol and I am Transparent Language’s newest member. É um prazer conhecer vocês (Nice meeting you!). I will dedicate this post to introducing myself and telling a bit about my English-speaking background. I’m Brazilian, native from Belo Horizonte, located in the beautiful state of Minas Gerais. I’ve recently graduated…

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