Office vocabulary in Portuguese

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Hello, there!

Let’s kick off this week with a very useful list of office items in Portuguese. Remember to practice saying the words very slowly, then speed it up a bit. Repetition plays a major role in being fluent in a foreign language and I’m pretty sure your Portuguese will get better and better.

Estão prontos? Aí vamos nós!

Objetos do Escritório

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(a) calculadora = calculator
(a) agenda = daily planner
(o) envelope = envelope
(o) pen drive = flash drive
(o) caderno = notebook
(a) tecla = key (computer)
(o) escâner = scanner
(a) pasta = folder
(a) caneta = pen
(o) abre-cartas = letter opener
(a) cola = glue
material escritorio 2(a) tesoura = scissors
(a) régua = ruler
(o) fax = fax
(o) mouse = mouse (computer)
(o) modem = modem
(o) apontador = pencil sharpener
(a) lapiseira = mechanical pencil
(o) grampeador = stapler
(o) clip de papel = paper clip
(o) selo = stamp
(a) tachinha = tack
(o) bloco de anotação = notepad
(o) notebook = notebook, laptop
(o) durex = Scotch tape
(a) impressora = printer
(o) peso de papel = paper weight
(o) arquivo = file, file cabinet
(o) teclado = keyboard
(o) telefone = telephone
(a) borracha = eraser
(o) monitor = monitor
(a) tela = screen
(o) lixo de papel = paper basket
(o) celular = cell phone
(o) computador = computer
(o) calendário = calendar
(a) máquina de xerox = copy machine
(o) furador = hole puncher

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Do you want to go to the movies tonight?

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Hello, there!

Our post today is about entertainment and fun, em português é claro!

Check out the following dialogue:

Leandro: Ei, o que você está afim de fazer hoje à noite?
Laura: Não sei. Pensei em ir ver uma peça.
Leandro: Boa ideia. Vamos olhar no jornal e ver o que está em cartaz. Vamos ver… Tem uma peça nova no Teatro Abril chamada “Vidas Separadas”.
Laura: Parece um drama e você sabe que eu odeio dramas! O que mais está passando?
Leandro: Tem outra que se chama “O Espião Que Me Traiu” e tem uma crítica ótima.
Laura: Que horas começa?
Leandro: Olha, tem uma sessão às 7 e outra às 10.
Laura: Perfeito, podemos ir às 7 e chamar o Rodrigo e a Glauce também. Será que eles topam?
Leandro: Acho que topam sim. Dá uma ligada pra Glauce pra ver se eles já têm planos pra hoje à noite.
Laura: Beleza, já tô ligando!


Leandro: Hey, what do you feel like doing tonight?
Laura: I don’t know. I thought about going to see a play.
Leandro: Good idea. Let’s take a look at the newspaper and check what’s playing. Let’s see… There’s a new play over at Teatro Abril called “Separate Lives”.
Laura: It sounds like a drama and you know I hate dramas! What else is on?
Leandro: There’s another called “The Spy Who Betrayed Me” and it has a rave review.
Laura: What time does it start?
Leandro: Look, there’s a session at 7 and another at 10.
Laura: Perfect, we can go at 7 and invite Rodrigo and Glauce to go too. Do you think they’ll go?
Leandro: I think so. Give Glauce a call to check if they already have plans for tonight.
Laura: Cool, calling right now!

As you can see Leandro and Laura are about to have a good time tonight. What about you? Do you know expressions to invite someone to do something fun in Portuguese? No? OK, so let’s learn them!

Questions and Example Answers

O que você gosta de fazer para se divertir?
What do you like to do for fun?

O que você gosta de fazer no seu tempo livre?
What do you like to do in your free time?

Eu gosto de … – I like to …

ir ao cinema – go to the movies
ler – read
fazer uma caminhada – take a walk
colecionar selos – collect stamps
escutar música – listen to music
praticar esportes – play sports
ficar em casa e relaxar – stay home and relax
correr – go jogging / running
assistir filmes – watch movies
jogar xadrez / damas – play chess / checkers
acampar – go camping
pescar – go fishing
fazer trilha – hike

O que você está afim de fazer hoje / hoje à noite / este fim de semana?
What do you feel like doing today / tonight / this weekend?

Estou afim de …
I feel like …

O que você gostaria de fazer hoje / hoje à noite / este fim de semana?
What would you like to do today / tonight / this weekend?

Eu gostaria de …
I would like to …

Você gostaria de ir ao cinema comigo?
Would you like to go to the movies with me?

Que tal ir à praia este fim de semana?
How about going to the beach this weekend?

By the way, Leandro and Laura really exist and they are dear friends of mine, here they are!

Leandro e Laura

Leandro e Laura

Calvin and Hobbes in Portuguese

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Hey, there!

The Calvin and Hobbes comic strips are very famous in Brazil so I decided to “borrow” one from their Facebook page in Portuguese so we can have fun and learn at the same time. Enjoy!

calvin portugues

Useful Vocabulary

mongo = idiot, moron
cartão de ódio = hate card
buquê = bouquet
murcho = wilted, withered, dead
palerma = stupid, idiot
insensível = insensitive
notar = to notice

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