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Priberam Informática is an irreplaceable online resource for the Portuguese language

You may have noticed there aren’t a lot of traditional resources such as expansive, accurate dictionaries and grammar reference. Though this can be frustrating perhaps to the beginning student, once you know your way around the language a bit (i.e. are able to read resources that themselves are in Portuguese) a whole world opens up. At the absolute top of the list of such Portuguese-language resources is Priberam.

An online Portuguese-to-Portuguese dictionary, grammar reference and even a correction function(!), Priberam is really like nothing else out there on the web.

Consider bookmarking it or saving it with for frequent use. Your Portuguese will improve as a result.

There are days when I literally have Priberam open all day. Some of my Brazilian friends like to (I think perhaps intentionally) use long, poetic words that I have never heard before. For this and many other situations, Priberam is a trusty companion. Check it out.

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