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Pakistan Idol Posted by on Mar 28, 2016


With Ali as Randy, Bushra as Simon and Hadiqa as Paula, what will Pakistan Idol look like? Well after creating much hype and expectation, Pakistan Idol is finally here and it is good to see reality television in Pakistan being done this professionally. Having been an avid follower of American Idol for more than six years, I have to…

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Virgin Lakes of Pakistan Posted by on Mar 27, 2016


Pakistan is naturally gifted country. Its northern areas are rich in natural and scenic beauty, which are unparalleled and unmatchable. These natural treasures are hidden far beyond and behind majestic snow covered mountains rising more than 10,000 feet. Only those who have a flare for danger laden adventure can reach these destinations and experience the breathtakingly beautiful lakes known as…

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Lhore, Lhore Hai (Lahore is Lahore) Posted by on Mar 26, 2016


There is a Persian saying that if there was no Lahore, Isphahan (Iran) would have been half of the world. There is yet another ancient proverb, “Even if Persia’s Shiraz and Isphahan were united, they wouldn’t make one Lahore.” So true till date and anyone who visits Lahore for once, always misses the warmth of…

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Urdu as a First Language Posted by on Mar 25, 2016


A 2010 British Council report on education in Pakistan reaffirms the conclusion and offers this major recommendation: “Early years education must be provided in a child’s home language. The dangers of not doing so include high dropout levels (especially among girls), poor educational achievement, poor acquisition of foreign languages (such as English), the long term decline…

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Cricket in Pakistan Posted by on Mar 25, 2016

Image from www.icc-cricket.com

These days Cricket fever has gripped every Cricket playing nation around the globe. The T-20 World Cup is being played currently and is the focus of every cricket fan. Cricket in Pakistan has a history of even before the creation of the country. Following the independence of Pakistan in 1947, cricket in the country developed steadily and Pakistan was…

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