Directions, Days-Time, Adjectives and Weather Info in Urdu

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I’m looking for .. Mey .. talash kar raha hoo
Where is ..? .. kaha hey?
How do I get to ..? .. mujhe kaha se mille ga?
Can I walk there? Kiya mey vaha tak chal kar ja sakta hoo?
Is there a bus? Koy bus mil sakti hey?
Is there a train? Koy rail mil sakti hey?
Is it far? Kiya ye door hey?
Can you show me on the map? Kiya app nakshe per dikha sakte hey?
Is there a bus station nearby? Kiya nazdeek koy bus station hey?
Is there a train station nearby? Kiya nazdeek koy railway station hey?
Turn to the left Bayin muro
Turn to the right Dayin muro
here yaha
there vaha
on the right hand side dayin taraf per
on the left hand side bayin taraf per
at the end of the street gali ke ichketam per
to the left bayin taraf
to the right dayin taraf
straight on seedha agay
in front of kay samney
behind peechay
Days/Time Info:
this week is hafte
next week aglay hafte
yesterday kal
today aaj
tomorrow kal
this morning iss subah
this afternoon iss dopahar
tonight aaj raat
in the morning subah may
in the afternoon dopahar may
in the evening shaam may
At what time? kiss vakt
midday dopahar
midnight adhi raat
good achha
bad bura
hot garm
cold tanda
young javan
old boorha
fast teiz
slow aahista
clean saaf
dirty ganda
Weather related info:
What’s the weather like? Mosam kesa hey?
Is it going to rain? Kiya barish honey vali hey?
It’s raining Barish ho rahi hey
It’s hot Garmi hey
It’s cold Sardi hey
It’s nice Payara mosam hey
It’s cloudy Abr alood mosam hey
It’s freezing Shadeed tand hey
It’s windy Tez hava chal rahi hey
It’s rainy Barish ka mosam hey

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