Dr. Tahirul Qadri – Responsible for a Revolution in Pakistan?

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Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri (Pic from Twitter.com)

Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri (Pic from Twitter.com)

The Canada-returned fiery speaking scholar, Dr. Tahirul Qadri, has been creating ripples in Pakistan’s political scene for the last few weeks. A Canadian national since 2005, Qadri returned to Pakistan flexing political muscles against the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, warning that the “revolution” he has been calling for has now become the writing on the wall and will overthrow the entire corrupt system which allows only the capitalists and corrupt to get elected disallowing the same to the poor.

Facing alleged money laundering charges back in Canada, Qadri landed in Pakistan six weeks ago in dramatic style after authorities disallowed his plane to land in the capital city of Islamabad where he was scheduled to address a crowd of workers fueled against the Sharif Government in the wake of police shooting down 12 colleagues in Lahore. Instead, authorities diverted his plane to Lahore where he was unprepared for a public gathering. Infuriated at the government, Qadri in his media talks has been issuing stern warnings to bureaucrats and police personnel against obeying the orders of rulers whose days were allegedly numbered. Qadri has always been a controversial figure ever since he rose to “fame” over three decades back, courtesy of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s father, Mian Muhammad Sharif who was chairman of a group of companies including iron and steel foundries. Sharif’s father appointed Qadri as prayer leader of the mosque affiliated with their foundries and hospital complex. After Nawaz Sharif was made provincial minister, Mian Sharif appointed Qadri to host a religious show on state television in place of noted Quran scholar Dr. Israr Ahmad whom the then president General Ziaul Haq was unhappy with for some reasons.

Born on February 19, 1951 in Jhang, some 200 kilometers east of Lahore, Qadri was the son of a poor father working as paramedic. After studying law and pursuing a masters in Islamic Studies, Qadri briefly taught at Oriental College and then at University of the Punjab till he succeeded in getting acquainted with Mian Sharif. Qadri used Mian Sharif’s patronage to found in 1981 the Tehrik Minhajul Quran for the promotion of Islamic education and contemporary education through opening schools and colleges. He founded the system of secular schools with a cosmetic touch of Islamic education across the country. On 25 May 1989, Qadri set up a political party, the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) for stated aims of promoting democracy, economic stability, human rights, justice, and women’s roles and to remove corruption.

Qadri is bracing for his last chance to stay on course of being a respected religious and political leader. He is being dubbed as a failed politician after  several workers died trying to launch the much-awaited revolution he has been calling for over two decades. It is now or never for him. The hype he has created appears to be working against him. Either he will have to bring the revolution or he will become history.

Politics Related Urdu Vocabulary

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This blog will address Urdu vocabulary related to Political terms. In the wake of political unrest and turmoil in Pakistan, this blog will help you understand some of the key terms used in the political world. Here are some typical travel and related words with their Urdu transliteration and use in sentences:

English Politician
Urdu Siyasat Daan
Sentence The politicians always lie.
Urdu Translation Siyasat Daan hamaisha jhoot bolte hain.
English Sit In
Urdu Dharna
Sentence The police was against the sit in.
Urdu Translation Police dharne ke khilaaf thee.
English Resignation
Urdu Isteefa
Sentence The people demanded his resignation.
Urdu Translation Logon ne uss ke isteefe ka mutalaba kiya.
English Demand
Urdu Mutalaba
Sentence The Speaker demanded his resignation.
Urdu Translation Speaker ne uss ke isteefe ka mutalaba kiya.
English Mob
Urdu Hajoom
Sentence The mob was peaceful.
Urdu Translation Hajoom pur amn tha.
English Proposal
Urdu Tajweez
Sentence He gave a nice proposal.
Urdu Translation Uss ne aik achi tajweez dee.
English Prime Minister
Urdu Wazir –e- Azam
Sentence The Prime Minister was in a meeting.
Urdu Translation Wazir-e-Azam aik meeting mein tha.
English President
Urdu Sadar
Sentence The president is admired by the people.
Urdu Translation Log sadar ko acha samajhte hain
English Minister
Urdu Wazir
Sentence The minister spoke very well.
Urdu Translation Wazir buhat acha bola.
English Cheating
Urdu Dhaandli
Sentence He believed in cheating.
Urdu Translation Woh dhaandli main yageen rakhta tha
English Politics
Urdu Siyasat
Sentence Politics is not everyone’s game.
Urdu Translation Siyasat har aik ke bas ki baat nahin.
English Bribe
Urdu Rishwat
Sentence He got caught giving a bribe.
Urdu Translation Who Rishwat daite huwe pakra giya.
English Corruption
Urdu Budunwani
Sentence He was famous for his corruption.
Urdu Translation Who apni budunwani ke liye mushhoor tha.
English Famous
Urdu Mushhoor
Sentence He was famous for his corruption.
Urdu Translation Who apni budunwani ke liye mushhoor tha.
English Cabinet
Urdu Kaabina
Sentence The cabinet approved the bill.
Translation Kaabina ne bill kee munzoori de dee

Urdu Idioms with English Translation/Transliteration

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English Translation/English Idiom Urdu Idioms Transliteration
Taking someone or something for granted گھر کی مرغی دال برابر ۔ ghar kee murghee daal barabar
What good is a fortune if one can’t use it دولت کا کیا فائدہ اگر استعمال نہ کی جاۓ ۔ doulat ka kiya faaida agar istamaal na ki jae
Mediation ثالثی ۔ salasee
Having your way with things مہنگا بیچو پر کھرا بیچو ۔ mehanga becho par khara becho
Not suitable موزوں نہ ہونا ۔ mozoon na hona
Being stupid is the biggest sin of all ناداری سو عیبوں کا ایک عیب ہے ۔ nadaari so aibon ka aik aib hai
One always thinks his debt and sin to be less اپنا گناہ اور اپنا قرض ہر شخص کو اصل سے تھوڑا لگتا ہے ۔ apna gunah aur apna qarz har shucks ko thora lagta hai
To understand directions  تفصیلات سمجھنا ۔ tafseelat samajhna
Everything looks the same when in tiny peices ٹکڑوں میں ایک جیسے ۔ Tukron main aik jaisa
To avoid trouble مشکل سے بچنا ۔ Mushkil se bachna
Popular opinion is the biggest lie in the world عوام الناس کی راۓ دنیا کا سب سے بڑا جھوٹ ہے ۔ awam ul naas ki rai dunya ka sab se bara jhoot hai
A free thing has the biggest temptation مُفت کی شراب قاضی پر حلال ۔ Muft ki shraab qazi par halal
Asking/Learning will get you places پوچھتے پوچھتے دلّی پہنچ جاتے ہیں ۔ poochte poochte dilli puhanch jate hain
Might is Right جِس کی لاٹھی اُس کی بھینس ۔ Jis ki lathi uss ki bhains
Once upon a time ایک دفعہ کا ذکر ہے ۔ aik dafa ka zikar hai
Let Humanity be ever our goal انسانیت ہر وقت پیش نظر رکھنی چاہیئے ۔ insaaniat har waqt paish-e-nazar rakhnee chaahiye
Having no shame or conscience بے شرم ، بے ایمان ۔ be sharam be iman
Why put your hand to the purse when you can tip your hat سلام کرنے سے اگر کام نکلے تو جیب کو کیوں آنچ لگنے دو ! ۔ salam karne se agar kaam nikle to jaib ko kiyoon aanch lagne do
Condition makes and condition breaks حالات ہی بناۓ اور حالت ہی بگاڑے ۔ Halat hee banai aur halat hee bigare