Cricket in Pakistan

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These days Cricket fever has gripped every Cricket playing nation around the globe. The T-20 World Cup is being played currently and is the focus of every cricket fan. Cricket in Pakistan has a history of even before the creation of the country. Following the independence of Pakistan in 1947, cricket in the country developed steadily and Pakistan was given Test match status at a meeting of the Imperial Cricket Conference at Lord’s Cricket Ground in England on 28 July 1952. The first captain of the Pakistan national cricket team was Abdul Kardar.

The Pakistan cricket team (Urdu: پاکستان کرکٹ  ٹیم ), nicknamed as Green Shirts, is the national cricket team of Pakistan. Represented by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the team is a full member of the International Cricket Council (ICC), and participates in Test, One Day Internationals (ODI’s) and Twenty20 International cricket matches. The Pakistan Cricket Board is responsible for all first class and Test cricket played in Pakistan and by the Pakistan cricket team. It was admitted to the International Cricket Council in July 1953. The corporation has been run by former cricketers, professional administrators and trustees, who are often respected businessmen. The Board governs a network of teams sponsored by corporations, banks, city associations and clubs. Currently Pakistan is ranked number four as per the ICC Test rankings. Pakistan was the 1992 World Cup champion, came runners-up in the 1999 World Cup tournament and is the current Asian Champion. Pakistan, in conjunction with other countries on the subcontinent, has hosted the 1987 & 1996 World Cup tournaments with the 1996 World Cup final being hosted at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. Pakistan won the 2009 ICC Twenty20 World Cup and came runners-up in the inaugural tournament in 2007.

The team is considered a strong but unpredictable team. Traditionally Pakistani cricket has been filled with players of great talent but limited discipline, making them a team which could play inspirational cricket one day and then perform less than ordinarily another day. Over the years, competitions between India and Pakistan have always been emotionally charged and provide for intriguing contests, as talented teams and players from both sides of the border elevate their game to new levels to produce high-quality cricket.

Urdu Expressions and Words

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Urdu Expressions and Words 
Good/ Bad/ So-So. Achchha/ Bura/ Mamuli sa, Thori Thori  اچھا/برا/ معمولئ سا،تھوڑی تھوڑی
Big/ Small Bara/ Chota   بڑا/چھوٹا
Today/ Now Aaj/ Abhi   آج/ابھی
Tomorrow/ Yesterday Kal(Aney wala )/ Kal(Gurzra huwa)   کل آنےوالا/کل گزراہوا
Yes/ No Haan/ Nahi   ہاں/نہیں
Here you go! (when giving something) Yeh Lijiye   یہ لیجیے
Do you like it? Kya Yeh Aap Ko Pasand Aya?   کیا یہ آپ کو پَسند آیا؟
I really like it! Mujhe Yeh Bahut Pasand Aya!   !یہ مجھےبہت پَسند آیا
I’m hungry/ thirsty. Mujhe Bhook/Piyas Lagrahi Hai   مجھے بھوک/پیاس لَگ رہی ہے
In The Morning/ Evening/ At Night. Subah Main/ Shaam Main/Raat Main   صبح میں/شام میں/رات میں
This/ That. Here/There Yeh/Who, Yahan/Wahan   یہ/وہ،یہاں/وہاں
Me/ You. Him/ Her. Main/ Aap. Usay -Larkey Ko/ Usey- Larki Ko  میں/آپ ۔اسے،لڑکےکو/اسے،لڑکی کو
Really! Sach Main!   !سچ میں
Look! Dekho!   !دیکھو
Hurry up! Jaldi Karo!   !جلدی کرو
What? Where? Kya? Kidher?   کیا؟ کدہر؟
What time is it? Abhi Kya Waqt Huwa Hai?   ابھی کیا وقت ہوا ہے؟
It’s 10 o’clock in the morning. It’s 7:30pm. Subah ke 10. Raat ke 7.30 Baje Hain  صبح کے دَس ۔ رات کے ساڑھے سات بَجے ہیں
Give me this! Mujhe Yeh Dijiye/Dena!   !مجھے یہ دیجیے/دینا
I love you! Mein Aap Se Mohabbat Karta Hun!   !میں آپ سے محبت کَرتا ہوں
I feel sick. Meri Tabiyat Kharab Hai   میری طبعیت خراب ہے
I need a doctor Mujhe Tabeeb/Doktar Ki Zururat He!  مجھے طبیب/ڈاکٹر کی ضرورت ہے
One, Two, Three Eik, Do, Tin   ایک،دو،تین
Four, Five, Six Char, Panch, Che   چار،پانچ، چھے
Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten Saat, Aath, Nau, Das   سات،ﺁﮢﮭ ،نو،دَس

Solving a Misunderstanding in Urdu

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Solving a Misunderstanding 
I’m Sorry! Maazrat Chahta Hun   معزرت چا ہتا ہوں
Sorry Maaf Karna   معاف کرنا
No Problem! Koi Baat Nahi!   !کوی بات نہیں
Can You Say It Again? Kya App Ise Dobarah Keh Sakte Hain?   کیا آپ اسے دوبارہ کہسکتےہیں؟
Can You Speak Slowly? Kya Aap Ahistah Keh Saktay Hein?   کیا آپ آہستہ کہسکتےہیں؟
Write It Down Please! Barae Mihrbani Likhye!   !براًےمہربانی لِکھیًے
I Don’t Understand! Main Samjah Nahi!   !میں سمجھا نہیں
I Don’t Know! Mujhe Nahi Malum!   !مجھے نہیںمعلوم
I Have No Idea. Mujhe Andazah Nahi   مجھے اندازہ نہیں
What’s That Called In Urdu? Usse Urdu Main Kya Kehte Hain?   اسے اردو میں کیا کہتے ہیں؟
What Does “—” Mean In English? Angrezi Main — Kise Kehte Hain?   انگریزئ میں — کِسے کہتے ہیں؟
How Do You Say “Please” In Urdu? Aap”Please” Ko Urdu Main Kaise Kehte Hain? آپ اردو میں“ پلیز“کو کِسے کہتےہیں؟
What Is This? Yeh Kya Hai?   یہ کیا ہے؟
My Urdu is bad. Meri Urdu Kharab Hai.   میری اردو خراب ہے
I need to practice my Urdu Mujhe Urdu Ki Mashq Karni Chahiye   مجھے اردو کی مَشق کرنی چاہیے