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Listening – Dubai Heritage Posted by on Aug 7, 2015 in Arabic Language, Culture, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

 Listen to the report and answer the following questions. You can use the words at the end of the post to facilitate your comprehension. The report deals with Dubai Heritage Camp.

The questions deal with the first 1.50 seconds of the report.

 Answer the following questions in Arabic

  1.  من الذي قام برعاية المخيم؟

  2. من نظم المخيم؟

  3. ما أهداف المخيم؟

  4. ماذا يجسد المخيم؟

Answer the following questions in English:

  1. What does the camp present and to whom?

  2. What do visitors to the camp do?

  3. Mention some of the activities undertaken in the camp?

  4. What are the facilities available for families?

Useful vocabulary

تحت رعاية = Under the sponsorship of

نظم = Organized

برنامج = Program

تعزيز = Strengthen

الهوية = Identity

الوطنية= National

مخيم = Camp

فعاليات = Events

مهرجان = Festival

يهدف إلى = Aims to

إبراز = Highlighting

الثراء = Wealth

إنجازات = Achievements

التنمية = Development

يجسد = Captures

التمازج = Blending

فلسفة = Philosophy

تركز على = Focuses on

تجربة = Experience

المقيمين = Residents

زوار = Visitors

المشاركة في = Participation in

الأنشطة التراثية = Heritage activities

رصد النجوم = Observation of stars

تتبع = Tracking

الصيد بالصقور =To hunt with hawks

الطهي = Cooking

الدراجات النارية = Motor cycles

الخيول = Horses

الإبل = Camels

مرافق = Facilities

خيام = Tents

خصوصية = Privacy

Come back again to check the answers and transcription of the report.

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