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Learning Chinese through Songs Posted by on Sep 21, 2020

I love Chinese food, I adore Chinese characters, and I savor Chinese music. Chinese songs are not only pleasant to the ears, they are also a good way to learn the language. One of my favorite Chinese song is 其实你不懂我的心 (qí shí nǐ bù dǒng wǒ de xīn). Recorded in 1989 by the Taiwanese singer…

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Talking About Music in Chinese Posted by on May 6, 2020

Do you like listening to music? (你喜欢听音乐吗? nǐ xǐ huan tīng yīn yuè ma). I don’t know about you, but music (音乐 yīn yuè) has always been a huge part of my life. When I was younger, I played the cello (大提琴 dà tí qín) in my school’s orchestra as well as in an after-school…

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China’s Popular Epidemic Song Posted by on May 4, 2020

The song which had been written for another occasion and became one of the most popular during the pandemic. Li Kaichou (李凯稠 Lǐ kǎichóu) is a successful Chinese musician (音乐人 yīn yuè rén). Working behind the scenes, he has composed and produced many popular songs (红歌 hóng gē) over the years. Last year he composed…

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Top Chinese Songs of the Decade Posted by on Dec 12, 2019

Can you believe another decade is almost behind us?! I know I sure can’t. It’s always fun looking back at the end of a decade. I love music and I love end of the year countdowns, so I’m combining both in this post! Music is a great tool for studying not only the language, but…

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Top Chinese Songs of 2018 (Part Two) Posted by on Jan 31, 2019

We’re continuing our countdown of the top Chinese songs of 2018 with five more tunes. Go back and check out Part One in case you missed it. Once again, I did my best to find the official music videos, lyrics in simplified Chinese, pinyin, and English, and a KTV-style video for you to sing along…

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Top Chinese Songs of 2018 (Part One) Posted by on Jan 14, 2019

Top Chinese Songs of 2018

Do you like listening to music? (你喜欢听音乐吗? – nǐ xǐ huān tīng yīn yuè ma). Do you like listening to Chinese songs? (你喜欢听中文歌吗? – nǐ xǐ huān tīng zhōng wén gē ma). Listening to music is a great way to enhance your language studies. Even if you don’t understand all of the lyrics, it’s beneficial. Listening…

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8 Years of Videos Posted by on Sep 26, 2018

8 Years of Videos

After 8 years of sharing videos on Chinese language and culture, this will be my final video post on the Transparent Chinese channel. As such, I’ve put together a nice recap on 8 years of videos to share with you. It’s been a wild ride that included living in both Beijing and Kunming, working as…

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