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Chinese House and Home Vocabulary Posted by on Apr 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

Home life is a big part of Chinese culture. People spend a lot of time at home, and home ownership is very important. Interestingly enough, the Chinese word for home ( – jiā) can also be used for family – perhaps because the two go hand in hand. When you chat with people in China, whether you know them very well or not, they might very well ask you where you live, whether you rent or own, how many square meters your place is, how much your rent is, and so on. While some of these questions may seem taboo in Western culture, they’re perfectly alright in China. To help you chat about your home in Chinese, here’s some useful vocabulary to get started:


A typical Chinese apartment complex.

A typical Chinese apartment complex.

  • house (房子 – fáng zi)

  • apartment (公寓 – gōng yù)

Rooms (房间 – fáng jiān)

A glance at a Chinese apartment.

A glance at a Chinese apartment.

  • bedroom (卧室 – wò shì)

  • living room (客厅 – kè tīng)

  • dining room (饭厅 – fàn tīng

  • kitchen (厨房 – chú fáng)

  • bathroom (浴室 – yù shì; 卫生间 – wèi shēng jiān)

  • attic (阁楼 – gé lóu)

  • basement (地下室 – dì xià shì)

  • garage (车库 – chē kù)

  • laundry room (洗衣房 – xǐ yī fáng)

Furniture (家具 – jiā jù)

Welcome to my living room.

Welcome to my living room.

  • bed ( – chuáng)

  • sofa (沙发 – shā fā)

  • table (桌子 – zhuō zi)

  • coffee table (茶桌 – chá zhuō – lit. “tea table” in Chinese)

  • chair (椅子 – yǐ zi)

  • lamp (台灯 – tái dēng)

  • cabinet/cupboard (柜子 – guì zi)

  • wardrobe (衣橱 – yī chú)

  • bookshelf (书架 – shū jià)

  • desk (书桌 – shū zhuō)

  • television (电视 – diàn shì)

  • washing machine (洗衣机 – xǐ yī jī)

Now, try answering these common questions about your home in Chinese:

Where do you live?
你住在哪里? nǐ zhù zài nǎ lǐ

How many rooms are in your home?
你的家有几个房间? nǐ de jiā yǒu jǐ gè fáng jiān

Did you rent or buy your home?
你的家是租的还是买的? nǐ de jiā shì zū de hái shì mǎi de

How much is it per month?
多少钱一个月? duō shǎo qián yī gè yuè

What furniture is in your home?
你的家里有什么家具? nǐ de jiā li yǒu shén me jiā jù

For further practice, check out this video I made a while back giving a tour of my awesome Beijing apartment:

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