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Words to use instead of ‘very’ – Part II Posted by on Apr 30, 2019 in English Vocabulary

Good afternoon to all readers! How have you been? In the previous post we went over some words in English that can be used instead of ‘very’ to avoid its excessive use, in addition to diversifying and boosting your vocabulary. So here are a couple of more suggestions for you. Enjoy:

eager or thrilled instead of very excited 

  • The children were eager to meet Santa Claus at the mall.
  • She was absolutely thrilled when she found out that she was getting the scholarship.

hilarious instead of very funny 

  • Have you seen Seinfeld? People say it is the most hilarious TV show ever! 
  • Lindsay thought the joke was so hilarious she couldn’t stop laughing.

huge instead of very big 

  • New York is such a huge city that I often get lost.
  • The kids were amazed at how huge the elephants were at the zoo.

tiny instead of very small 

  • Although the rent was affordable, the apartment was too tiny for two people.
  • People on the streets look so tiny from up here.

awful instead of very bad

  • The weather was awful during the trip. Endless rain, wind and too cold at night.
  • I accidentally added sugar instead of salt and the soup tasted awful.

wealthy instead of very rich 

  • Donald Trump has always been a wealthy man.
  • Only the wealthy travel first class.

accomplished or gifted instead of very talented

  • Leonardo da Vinci was a very accomplished artist.
  • Harvard University is the perfect place for gifted students.

soaked instead of very wet 

  • I forgot my umbrella at home and now I’m soaked!
  • Don’t let the dog in right now! He’s completely soaked.

Can you think of any other words to use instead of ‘very’? Let me know! Conseguem pensar em outras palavras que podem ser usadas ao invés de ‘very’? Comentem aqui!

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