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French Language – Questions and Answers Posted by on Sep 18, 2009 in Grammar

Okay, today, I’m going to give you a short question words and answers exercise.  All you have to do is match them up.  Teachers can use this activity as a lesson warmer. 

À qui…? Un livre.
Combien…? Annette.
Comment…? À Paul.
Lequel…? Cinquante.
Où…? Parce qu’elle est triste.
Pourquoi…? Celui qui est rose.
Quand…? Le volleyball.
Que…? En voiture.
Quel…? À Paris.
Qui…? Hier soir.

 Feel free to write a comment with a complete question for the correct answer as well.

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  1. Kristen:

    A “lesson warmer” … 🙂 That’s so cute!!

  2. andreas:

    A qui?… A Paul.
    Combien?… Cinquante.
    Comment?… En voiture.
    Lequel?… Celui qui est rose.
    Où?… A Paris.
    Pourqoi?… Parce qu’elle est triste.
    Quand?… Hier soir.
    Que?… Un livre.
    Quel?… Le volleyball.
    Qui?… Annette.

  3. Lauren:

    Are you going to give the answers at some point?

    Allez-vous donner les responses a quelque temps?

  4. Chanda:

    Salut Kristin! Thanks for your comment. Actually, though, just so you know, I did not invent the term ‘lesson warmer’. It is commonly used in TEFL to mean a very quick introduction activity (no more than 5 minutes) to get your students warmed up and set the mood for your class.

  5. Chanda:

    Ben, oui Lauren… Je vais vous donner les réponses dans quelques jours.

  6. Chanda:

    Merci beaucoup Andreas pour vos réponses. Bon travail!

  7. Alex:

    Quelle sorte de bagages allez-vous prendre? Pourquoi?

    How do you say this in English?

  8. Chanda:


    My translation would be: What kind of baggage are you going to take? Why?

  9. lucky:

    Quel temps fait-il au printemps

  10. Jim:

    Isn’t “my friend” translated to “mon ami” in French, even if it’s feminine?



    • hichem:

      @Jim “My friend” is translated as “mon ami” (au masculin), and “mon amie” (au féminin.)
      Obviously, if you’re only talking, you can’t tell the difference between the two.

  11. sarah:

    i was finding u for a long time

  12. Andrea:

    What is “MISTRAL”. In a lot of songs it’s mention, why?

  13. jacqui turner:

    Bonjour.I have just signed up today,and am looking forward to all you can teach.I have a burning question i have never understood,and would love to know the answer.How do you know what gender to refer to when discussing an inanimate object (table,chair,knife,fork etc )I know about the obvious things like people,animals etc,but how do you apply a gender to a door etc? A Dr.i used to work with said “you just know” (she spoke her native,German,plus French,Spanish,Italian,Swiss German and god knows what else ),and explained it was just “inbuilt “.HELP.

  14. Boushra:


    J’ai pris le SAT examen de Francais, et je voudrais encore améliorer mon Francais. 🙂 Je suis très content que j’ai trouvé cet website et j’espère d’apprendre beaucoup.

  15. Tim:

    Quel age as-tu?

  16. Tim:

    i am 13 years old

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