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J’aime Paris au mois de mai (I Love Paris in May) Posted by on May 10, 2012 in Culture, Geography, Music, Vocabulary

Paris is always beautiful, throughout the four seasons.

But rumor has it: Paris is at her best in May…

Wouldn’t you like to check that for yourself?

Bien sûr, you may!

“PARIS IS AT HER BEST IN MAY” (“J’aime Paris Au Mois De Mai”)

 By Charles Aznavour & Dianne Reeves



Paris is at her best in May

I get a happy shiver

Strolling beside the river

The winter’s worries melt away

Hearing excited children play

Paris is amorous in May

When girls are window-shopping

And you see traffic stopping

From where you sit in some café


I love to walk for hours High on the scent of flowers

Why is it that old Eiffel tower

So overpowers me

Oh, on a sunny day in May

No matter what they told you

Or what that other song

May say Paris is at her best in May


J’aime Paris au mois de Mai

Avec ses bouquinistes

Et ses aquarellistes

Que le printemps a ramenés

Comme chaque année le long des quais

J’aime Paris au mois de Mai

La Seine qui l’arrose

Mille petites choses

Que je ne pourrais expliquer

J’aime quand la nuit sévère

Étend la paix sur terre

Et que la ville soudain s’éclaire

De millions de lumières

Il me plaît, me plaît à me promener

En souriant aux filles

Dans les rues qui fourmillent

J’aime, j’aime Paris au mois de Mai


Paris is at her best in May


When spring and youth possess her

And gentle winds caress her

And happy lovers slowly stray


By little bookshops on the quay


Paris is loveliest in May

Oh, Paris, her portrait painted

Smiling to get acquainted

A million blossoms on display


I love to walk her wide streets

Then to explore her side streets

Crazy unidentified streets

That please the eye streets


I fall in love with her each day

Seeing the same bright new light

Or under moonlight, silver grey

Paris, oh Paris, is at her best in May

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  1. Meagan:

    I have a new song to download thanx to this post.

  2. Mary:

    I love Paris every moment

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