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The Genitive Case: Showing Possession, part 1 Posted by on Jun 11, 2012

Most learners of German seem to fall into despair when it comes to the language’s grammar cases. And when I read explanations in grammar books how to construct a German sentence with the correct cases, I can understand your discontent. The problem with grammar and its explanations is that they are just condensed information about…

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Get nosy: Information questions in German Posted by on Jun 8, 2012

I'll ask the questions here! What time is it, and where is the closest taxi stand?

When you learn a new language, you often might feel a bit insecure. You only know a limited number of words and you have only a sketchy understanding of grammar. You point to things and ask “Was ist das?” (vAs ist dAs? – What is that?) or ask “Was bedeutet das?” (vAs be-doy-tuht dAs? –…

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The German verb “kommen” Posted by on Jun 6, 2012

When you get in contact with strangers you would certainly like to find out more about them. Among other things, you would probably like know where a person does come from. In order to ask someone in German where a person is from you need to know the German verb “kommen” (to come). In order…

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Starting a conversation in German Posted by on Jun 5, 2012

The best way to learn German, or any other language, is using it in communicative situations, i.e. face-to-face situations. So, do not wait to speak German until you have learned some more grammar, but use every opportunity to speak German to test you newly acquired language skills.   Formal Greetings and Salutations German Pronunciation English…

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