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9/11 – Zehn Jahre danach (Ten years after) Posted by on Sep 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Exactly ten years ago, the Terroranschläge (terrorist attacks) on the World Trade Center happened in New York. But still, the whole subject is very present in Germany. Especially for the anniversary, there are unzählige (countless) documentaries and discussions on TV. Since weeks you can see them almost daily.

And when you see the horrible pictures of the attacks, it feels like it happened just gestern (yesterday). At least this is my Eindruck (impression. )

Some years ago there were a lot of documentaries that dealt with Verschwörungstheorien (conspiracy theories) and things like that. But now that some years passed, I think most people don’t believe in conspiracy theories anymore. It is still hard to accept the facts, just because the attacks were so unbelievable, but so many details, Hintergrundinformationen (background information) and facts have been revealed and announced that the whole thing seems to be obvious and nachvollziehbar (traceable).

When you read some German news today, there are a lot of discussions about politics like „Who were the beneficiaries of 9/11?“, „America still stokes fears“ or „The demoralized nation“.

I guess all of us spent a lot of time dealing with 9/11 to recognize the motivation of the action, to put the facts together, to understand and to process. But today I try not to think about the political or religous or whatever backgrounds. Today I just realize that the entire world has extremely changed since then. But unfortunately it doesn´t turn out to be good.

I really hope the Lücke (gap) between the so called west and the so called east will get smaller again. I know that things are not that easy, but in my opinion a little more live and let live would be good in some ways.

I guess a lot of you (the readers of this blog) are living in the USA. And of course 9/11 must be a major Thema (topic) these days. But what about you people living in other countries? Is 9/11 still present as well? Are there effects on your daily life and thinking?

Would be good to have some statements from you.

Here´s some vocabulary:

Zehn Jahre danach – ten years after
der Terroranschlag – terrorist attack
unzählige – countless
gestern – yesterday
der Eindruck – impression
die Verschwörungstheorie – conspiracy theory
die Hintergrundinformation – background information
nachvollziehbar – traceable
die Lücke – gap
das Thema – topic

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  1. Johanna:

    I like what you’ve said here, especially the part about “being a demoralized nation.” We are; that is what America has become. In homage to those who died that day, we could have changed the world for the better. We have lost faith in our leaders, who have launched the “war on terroism.” War is terroism, as I heard someone say. Now we fight two wars; the world no longer looks up to us; our young soldiers die for greed and corruption, which is the main reason we are still in these wars. The thing about the World Trade Center is that everyone in this country and the world was affected by it and the people who died there were completely innocent, as are most people caught up in evil acts such as this.

  2. Megan:

    It is, for me, comforting to know that Germany is sharing this day with us. I live on the other side of the US from where the attacks occured, and it still had a profound effect on my life. Reading your blog really drives home that it had an effect on the whole planet. That today isn’t about borders, patriotism, or partisan politics but what it means to be a caring and understanding human being, and sharing that with other human beings.

    Thank you for your post.

  3. Charles:

    I remember those poor souls who jumped, sometimes hand in hand, when given the choice of being burnt alive or entrusting themsleves to the air, and I remember those doomed passengers on that flight that went down in Shanksville Pa, resisting till the last minute. I like to think the valkyries got ’em, and they’re now feasting in Valhalla.