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Bavarian Lessons: Making Pancakes Posted by on Feb 23, 2015 in Language, Practice

Today I am posting a very special Bairisch (Bavarian German) lesson in honour of the glorious celebration of Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday (Der Fastnachtdienstag in German). I know, I know, I’m a bit late, but why should pancakes be limited to one day of the year? I made some today – in fact, I make them on a weekly basis now. Anyway, I love pancakes (Die Pfannkuchen in German), I love food, and I love Bairisch, so I thought – why not combine them to make a post? So this is your Bairisch lesson for today: I’m going to attempt to teach you, in Bairisch, how to make healthy pancakes.

Photo © Constanze Arnold

The point of this lesson is to make you more familiar with Bairisch, recognise its connection to Hochdeutsch (standard German), and to introduce you to some food-related vocabulary. It’s important to point out that this is mostly a spoken language, and so words are often written phonetically (especially if they are just German words pronounced differently). That means their spellings may vary. Still, I hope you can get a sense from my posts of how Bairisch sounds and looks, and if you have any suggestions for how I could teach it more effectively on this blog, send them my way!

Also let me know how you get on with your understanding of this recipe. There’ll be some vocabulary at the bottom of the post to help you. And remember: Your reward for getting through the Bairisch is a stack of delicious, nutritious Pfannkuchen – or Bfannkuacha! 😀 So let’s get on with it!


Numma oans: Kauf dia diese Socha fuer’n Deig:

Zwoa (2) Oar
Oane (1) Banane
A hoibade (1/2) Tass Haafaflocka
A bissi Zimt
Oa (1) Teeleffi Backpoifa
A bissi Mill (endweeda vom a Kua oder need – I nimm a Nissmill her)

Numma zwoa: Koch’s!

Giess die Zutatn in dei Mischa a so: Z’erscht Mill, dann Oar, Banane, Haafaflocka, Zimt, Backpoifa. Misch ois tsom, bis guad gmischd is.

Hitz dei Pfanne mid a bissl Buadda. Giess den Deig für oa Bfannkuacha eini. Wenns kloane Blasal omad gibt, kannst dei Bfannkuacha ummdraan. Moch’s so mid oisammd, oans noch oans. Wenn’s oisammd kocht sand, duas auf’m Della.

I dua imma a Banane, Zimt, a weng Kürbiskernal, und a griechisch’s Joghurt draaf.

An Guadn! Photo © Constanze Arnold

Wennst woist, kannst aa andre Socha dazua doa, zum Beispi:

SchlograahmSchlagsahne – Whipped cream (ned so g’sund, aber des is mir Wurst)
EabbeeanErdbeeren – Strawberries
DaubeeanBlaubeeren – Blueberries
HimbeeanHimbeeren – Raspberries
EbbfiÄpfeln – Apples
KiaschnKirschen – Cherries
BianBirnen – Pears
ZidronaZitronen – Lemons
WeimbeealRosinen – Raisins

Do homma’s!

An Guadn!

Constanze x

Vokabeln zum Heifa – Vocabulary to help you:

BfannkuachaPfannkuchen – Pancakes

g’sundgesund – healthy

SochaSachen – Things

MischaMischer – Mixer/Blender

gmischdgemischt – mixed

BuaddaButter – Butter

NissNuss – Nut

KuaKuh – Cow

Mill Milch – Milk

BlasalBläschen – Bubbles

DellaTeller – Plate

ummdraanumdrehen – to turn over/around

omadoben – on top

A bissiein bisschen – a bit

Des is mir WurstDas ist mir Wurst/Das ist mir egal – I don’t care about that. Literally: That is sausage to me.

Do homma’s!Da, haben wir’s! – There we have it!

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About the Author:Constanze

Servus! I'm Constanze. I'm half English and half German. I write here because I'm passionate about my languages and my roots. I also work as a translator & group fitness instructor.


  1. Allan Mahnke:

    Es war sehr leicht. Wir werden die Pfannkuchen machen.

  2. Jane Caron:

    Thank you for posting Bairisch lessons!!! I live in a little village where the common language is Bairisch. While I am committed to learning Hochdeutsch first, I am also trying to gather as many Bairisch phrases and words as I can. My best friends speak Bairisch and have taught me a little. It is fun for me, though, to impress them with words I learn from your postings.

    Pfiad di,


    • Constanze:

      @Jane Caron Seruvs, Jane! Thank you so much for your comment! It’s really nice to hear that people are enjoying my posts. Just out of interest, what’s the name of the little village you live in? 🙂
      Pfia God! 😉