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Planets and Outer Space In German Posted by on Nov 16, 2016 in Geography, Language, School, Travel

Guten Tag! Today’s topic is science – specifically, outer space and the planets of the solar system. This is something I’m sure we all remember learning about in school; it is one of those topics that stuck with us all. So why not learn the names of the planets in German? Let’s go!

die Planeten (der Planet) — Planets


Erde – Earth. Photo by kevinmgill on flickr.com under a CC license (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Mercury — Merkur

Venus — Venus

Earth — Erde

Mars — Mars

Jupiter — Jupiter

Saturn — Saturn

Neptune — Neptun

Uranus — Uranus

Pluto — Pluto

As you can see they’re all rather similar (identical in some cases) to the English, which should make learning them super easy! It’s just the pronunciation which is different. Here’s a video to help you with the German pronunciation:



die Sonne – sun. Photo by xujk on flickr.com under a CC license (CC BY 2.0)


Sun — die Sonne

Star — der Stern (pl: die Sterne)

Moon — der Mond

Comet – der Komet

Asteroid – der Asteroid

Meteoroid – die Sternschnuppe

Vacuum – das Vakuum / der luftleerer Raum

Black hole – das schwarzes Loch


Aurora Borealis

das Nordlicht – Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights. Photo by lennykphotography on flickr.com under a CC license (CC BY 2.0)


Solar System – das Sonnensystem

Milky Way – die Milchstraße

Galaxy — die Galaxis

Universe – das Universum

Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights — das Nordlicht



der Astronaut (astronaut) wearing der Raumanzug (space suit). Photo by oregonstateuniversity on flickr.com under a CC license (CC BY-SA 2.0)


Hemisphere – die Hemisphäre/die Halbkugel

Orbit – die Umkreisung (noun) / umkreisen (verb: to orbit)

Gravity – die Schwerkraft

Zero gravity/weightlessness – die Schwerelosigkeit

Light year – das Lichtjahr

Satellite – der Satellit

Outer space – der Weltraum

Astronaut – der Astronaut

Space suit – der Raumanzug

Oxygen – der Sauerstoff

Spaceship — das Raumschiff

Astronomy – die Astronomie



“Houston, we have a problem”
“Houston, wir haben ein Problem”


“One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind”
“Ein kleiner Schritt für einen Menschen; ein großer Schritt für die Menschheit”


Can you match the German word to the correct English translation? Example: A1, B2, etc.
Study the vocab list above then try to do it without referring back to the list! Leave your answers in the comments and I’ll tell you how many you got right! Viel Glück!

A. der Mond ————– 1. Space suit

B. der Raumanzug ————- 2. Hemisphere

C. das schwarzes Loch ———— 3. Earth

D. der Weltraum ————– 4. Black hole

E. das Lichtjahr ————- 5. Outer space

F. die Hemisphäre ————— 6. Moon

G. die Erde ————— 7. Light year

H. Merkur ———– 8. Oxygen

I. der luftleerer Raum ————- 9. Star

J. der Stern ————- 10. Universe

K. das Universum ———– 11. Vacuum

L. der Sauerstoff ————- 12. Mercury


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  1. Veena:

    A 6
    B 1
    C 4
    D 5
    E 7
    F 2
    G 3
    H 12
    I 11
    J 9
    K 10
    L 8