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The Green Wave Posted by on May 1, 2010 in Culture, Holidays, People, Travel, Uncategorized

Sometimes it’s hard to know who to believe when it comes to global warming. There are those who say we need to quickly move in the direction of creating green sources of erneuerbare Energie (renewable energy) and yet, there are others who just as quickly contradict that way of thinking and believe global warming is not as serious of a problem as it seems.  Renewable energy, decreased CO2-Emissionen (CO2 emissions), and the green movement have picked up speed within the past decade.

One mega-industry where this is notable is the Autoindsutrie (auto industry). Dieselmotors (diesel engines) have increasingly grown in popularity among U.S. car buyers.  An article found in US Today reports that though hybrid vehicles are still the talk of the town, German car manufactures like BMW, Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes have all reported encouraging signs in the sales of new clean-diesel cars. 

A number of things have contributed to the increase in sales. First, a new generation of diesel cars came onto the market in 2008. These German cars produce less smoke and less noise than their older generation counterparts. Secondly, new diesel engines receive about 30% better mileage than older models; and thirdly, since 2005 a federal tax credit law provides buyers of diesel cars with up to $1800.


Germany has always seemed to be a head of its time with renewable energy methods. No matter how many times I return to Germany, the first few days are a bit confusing. I have to relearn how to separate cans, garbage and regular trash. Each piece of waste has its proper place and sometimes throwing something into the wrong receptacle can lead to a cultural misunderstanding.
Another measure taken by the Germans is the length and the method of showering. I’ve been told it is okay to take no more than a ten minute shower. However, this is not with a constant flow of water. No, it is better to rinse, turn water off, soap, turn water on and rinse off.

Though the majority of Americans may question why one would sacrifice a wonderful hot shower for the sake of a few gallons of water, and ponder the mysteries of waste separation, we look to save energy in other areas.

Recently, the federal government approved the Cap Wind project, a plan to build a 130 Windraeder (wind turbines) off the coast of the state of Massachusetts in the Nantucket sound. This is project is nine years in the making.

Further details http://www.evwind.es/noticias.php?id_not=5459


Die Energie-engergy


Die Autoindustrie-auto industry

Die Dieselmotors-diesel motors

Die Windraeder-wind turbines

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  1. ronin:

    wonderful article
    never thought about it this way
    all the best

  2. Scheich Josef:

    It’s funny to see in this posting the English plural form applied to the German word “Motor” 😉

    Singular nominative: der Motor
    Singular genitive: des Motors
    Plural nominative: die Motoren (or also: die Motore)

    Therefore: Die Dieselmotoren – diesel motors!

    Lets see how this blog presents the German
    Umlaut ae:

    Die Windräder – wind turbines

    Best wishes from Germany,

    Josef (the German version of Joseph)

  3. M.C.:

    Thanks for this post, Komo. And thanks, Josef, for clarifying that. Learning the grammar properly is terrifying but so important. 😀

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