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Listening Comprehension in Greek: wine in the ancient years Posted by on Jun 29, 2020

Γεια σας! Σήμερα θα κάνουμε μια άσκηση ακουστικής κατανόησης. Today we will do a listening comprehension exercise. It is suitable for B2-C1 students. If you are less advanced, the transcript is provided, so that you can listen and read at the same time. The extract is from a podcast from skai about the food during…

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Greek books: the ideal Christmas present Posted by on Dec 7, 2018

Γεια σας! If you have a friend who learns Greek, Christmas is the right moment to offer them a nice present and what would be better than a book? If you are not sure about the right Greek book, this post is for you!   #1. If your friend likes detective fiction, the books by…

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A short story in Greek Posted by on Aug 30, 2017

Γεια σας! In this post, there is a short story followed by an audio file. Please, note that the story is translated literally, in order to make the use of Greek easier to understand. Most of the verbs are put in the Present Continuous tense, which is not so common in English, because this is…

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Samples of Modern Greek textbooks Posted by on Aug 22, 2017

Γεια σας! In an older post from 2004, there was a list of free samples of Greek textbooks. In this post, there are more suggestions. You can also find some free pdf files. Ελληνικά για σας (Greek for you): a bilingual series for levels A0-A1 and A2. There are explanations in English, French, Russian, Albanian…

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Read a short story in Greek Posted by on Jul 17, 2017

Sometimes, it is difficult to find recorded Greek short stories translated in English. In this post, there is a short story I have written and recorded. Each phrase is translated in English. The language and the plot are very simple, so the story can be also read by beginners. If you like reading in original…

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