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Have you seen Yehuda’s Illustrations? Posted by on Aug 6, 2018 in binyanim, Grammar

Let’s talk all about the verb to illustrate.

Crayons by echilds41 from Flickr.com is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Last year, Maya and Yehuda wanted to move to Tel-Aviv. They were newly married and lived at Yehuda’s parents’ house, when Maya found a job at the big city. Like any other Israeli young couple, they wished to find a decent flat at a fair price to rent in the most chic city in the country. Like any other young couples, they used social media for that. As a graduate with a Visual Communication degree, Yehuda illustrated themselves carrying boxes on the way to Tel-Aviv. The illustration received enthusiastic comments and many shares. Two weeks later they found an apartment, and Yehuda started publishing romantic illustrations of their relations.

To illustrate = לְאַיֵּיר

Illustration (masculine) = אִיּוּר

Illustrations = אִיּוּרׅים

אַתָּה יוֺדֵעַ לְאַיֵּיר?

Do you know to illustrate?

אֲנׅי אוֺהֵב לְאַיֵּיר.

I love to illustrate.

אֵיזֶה אִיּוּר יָפֶה!

What a nice illustration!

כַּמָּה אִיּוּרׅים אַתָּה מְאַיֵּיר בְּשָׁבוּעַ?

How many illustrations do you illustrate in a week?

Bored Panda was the first to publish Yehuda’s comics about his daily domestic adventures with his wife. The article gained Yehuda many followers and fans from all over the world. Although Yehuda prefers the American super heroes comic style – in which he draws himself big and strong, married to a sexy woman – his illustrations present simple moments from daily life any couple experiences. His illustrations of cute, relatable relationship moments remind us to cherish togetherness. Like the moment when you are both too tired to take a shower or change the sheets; or when your girl is crying her eyes out because of her new haircut and you can’t even tell the difference. Watch some of his comics in this video:

Illustrator (male) = מְאַיֵּיר

Illustrator (female) = מְאַיֶּירֶת

Illustrators (male) = מְאַיֵּירׅים

Illustrators (female) = מְאַיֵּירוֺת

כֹּל מְאַיֵּיר בּׅתְּחִילַת דַּרְכּוֺ חוֺלֵם לְהַצְלׅיחַ.

Every illustrator at the beginning of his career wish to succeed.

לְכֺל מְאַיֶּירֶת הַסִּגְנוֹן שֶׁלָּהּ.

Every illustrator has her own style.

From the moment Yehuda learned how to hold a pencil, he didn’t stop drawing. Even on the walls of his parents’ house. But his father was never mad at him. He painted the walls over and over again, providing a clean canvas for his kid every time. And when Yehuda met Maya during their military service, she encouraged him to go learn drawing and make a profession out of it. Eight years later, an Israeli magazine animated Yehuda’s illustrations to real pictures of him and Maya.

The root – אי”ר

The Binyan – פּׅיעֵל

I (M) I (F) He She You (M) You (F)
Past אִיַּירְתִּי אִיַּירְתִּי אִיֵּיר אִיֵּירָה אִיַּירְתָּ אִיַּירְתְּ
Present מְאַיֵּיר מְאַיֶּירֶת מְאַיֵּיר מְאַיֶּירֶת מְאַיֵּיר מְאַיֶּירֶת
Future אֲאַיֵּיר אֲאַיֵּיר יְאַיֵּיר תְּאַיֵּיר תְּאַיֵּיר תְּאַיְּירִי


אֶתְמוֹל אִיַּירְתִּי, הַיּוֹם אֲנׅי נָח.

I  illustrated yesterday, today I’m resting.

אַל תַּפְרׅיעוּ לָה, הׅיא מְאַיֶּירֶת עַכְשָׁיו.

Don’t bother her, she is illustrating now.

[Relevant roots of this binyan if you want to practice are: צי”ר (to draw), תא”ר (to describe), קש”ט (to decorate), ספ”ר (to tell).]

Yehuda publishes his comics every week, and you are welcome to follow him on Instagram, or visit his website. I’m really curious to see how his illustrations will develop once their family of two expands.


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