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Learn a New Language by Using it Constantly Posted by on Nov 3, 2011 in Language Learning

Transparent Connect language instructors agree that the best way to learn a language is to integrate it into your everyday life. Here are some tips on how to do exactly that:

1. Use the language for basic needs: Try changing your email and Facebook settings so that the interface is in your target language.

2. Challenge yourself: Read a newspaper or website in your new language, even if it’s tough at first.

3. Connect with others: Most important of all, practice speaking with other people. Find out how to connect with a group during our open house sessions where you’ll learn about our online classroom and our self-guided courses.



Transparent Connect Online Language Courses

Interested in taking some language courses online?  Unlike other language-learning programs, Transparent Connect provides learners with several learning options.

Our online language learning programs give students access to Transparent Language’s industry-leading language software and allows them to choose between learning on their own or connecting with a live, human instructor and other students to contextualize their learning further.

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  1. Roy:

    Hi ,you have a very good methods to learn a new langauge, I want to lear English but you have not those Site , please make this site .
    thank you

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