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Say Hello to the New CL-150 Posted by on Feb 22, 2016 in CL-150, Company News, Language News, Product Announcements

For recreational language learners—who learn for fun, course credits, or travel—we proudly offer Transparent Language Online. But for those who need language training for professional purposes—to address military, diplomatic, commercial, medical or similar professional needs—we designed the CL-150 Platform.

The CL-150 is at the core of our mission to transform the economics of language training, an endeavor that is commonly thought of as too expensive and time-consuming. To better serve current and future CL-150 users, we have redesigned the learning portal to continue training language in less time with more efficiency. Users can now expect to find…


Improved User Interface

A new design and refactored learning activities improve user experience, allowing for faster navigation and better organization of course materials. Students spend less time learning the CL-150 interface and more time learning languages.

Increased Mobility

Students can learn anytime, anywhere on nearly any Internet-connected device including phones and tablets.

More Practice Opportunities

Students can focus on their area of weakness, listening, speaking, reading, writing, or some combination thereof, in new Practice Activities and Quiz Activities. The latter provides scoring and feedback to better measure progress.

Practice and Quiz activities are also available for Learned Words and Phrases review, so users can sustain what they’ve already learned.

Increased Flexibility

The new Learning Path and Browse section empowers students—or their instructors—to set learning goals. Skip material you already know or add supplemental materials to your path for extra reinforcement.

Daily Outreach

Students can opt in to e-mail reminders. Language sustainment is as easy as a few minutes a day, if they can remember to log in and review.

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