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Happy Birthday, U.S. Navy! Posted by on Oct 13, 2017 in CL-150, Language News, Product Recommendations

Feliz cumpleaños, С днем рождения, 生日快乐, and Happy Birthday to the U.S. Navy!

In celebration of  the 242nd Navy birthday, we’d like to remind all active duty sailors (as well as anyone with a .mil or .gov email address) that they can access learning materials in 120+ languages for free via the CL-150.

This is a fantastic opportunity not only for those serving in a language-related MOS, but for all sailors and service members. Those in CT roles will find the mobile and offline compatibility of the CL-150 convenient as they sustain their language skills from around the globe. Meanwhile, all sailors can benefit from learning a language—whether it’s the local language of a deployment or overseas PCS, or a language of interest for future career opportunities.

After ending active service or retiring, many sailors look for federal positions with the FBI, CIA, State Department, Homeland Security, and beyond. While veterans receiving hiring preference, foreign language skills can further set you apart from the pack. Not pursuing that path? The same can be said for your college applications and civilian job hunt—proficiency in a second language is a stepping stone into your next career.

Take that step by signing up for your free CL-150 account on the Joint Language University.

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