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New CL-150 Phrase of the Day for Cyber, SOF and Professional Linguist Domains in Korean, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian Posted by on Dec 19, 2018 in CL-150 Bulletins

We have just launched CL-150 Phrase of the Day for professional government linguists in three domains—Cyber, SOF and Professional Linguist—and three languages—Korean, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian.

The Phrase of the Day is created for professional government linguists by professional linguists. High-level, domain-specific phrases, collocations, and idioms are sourced from agency and interagency publications, policy journals, local news articles, and other authentic sources. Phrases are supported by native speaker pronunciation, example sentences, and occasional culture and grammar notes.

cl-150 phrase of the day

Linguists can explore the available streams and subscribe by logging into their CL-150 account and clicking on the Phrase of the Day panel on the main page.

cl-150 phrase of the day

As the CL-150 Phrase of the Day is still in beta, we welcome all feedback, requests, and questions. Please reach out to us at


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