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Brazil Stand Up Comedy Posted by on Apr 28, 2011

One of the best ways to determine if you’re an advanced speaker of any language is to test to see how much humor you can understand. If you can understand jokes in Portuguese, you’re in good shape, but if you can understand stand up comedy, you’ve come a long way! So today, we’re going to…

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The Carioca Accent Posted by on Mar 24, 2011

We’ve talked about regional slang in the past, including vocabulary about how to speak like a Carioca. But after I saw this video, I thought it would be helpful to talk a little bit about regional accents as well, and in this case, the Rio de Janeiro accent. Cariocas da gema (which literally means, people…

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Listening Comprehension: TEDx Posted by on Mar 10, 2011

I recently discovered that there are dozens of TED Talks from independent events in Brazil available online, and they’re not only fun and interesting, but they’re a perfect opportunity to practice your listening comprehension skills. It’s a great way not only to listen to a short speech, but to also pick up some slang and…

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Lula on Wikileaks Posted by on Dec 17, 2010

Last week, President Lula took a moment to discuss Wikileaks and his thoughts on the controversial website. There are subtitles available in English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese but you can also watch the video without them to practice your listening comprehension. Have a look and see if you can answer the questions. Questions 1.  What…

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New Brazilian Commercials Posted by on Dec 8, 2010

Brazil is known for having excellent PR firms which produce some really cool commercials, so here are a few recent ones for you to test your listening comprehension skills: Havaianas Flip Flops Part PSA, Part Commercial Why are the guys in flip flops in trouble? Brastemp A beautiful video that went viral Who organized the…

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Listening Comprehension: Cosmos Posted by on Aug 11, 2010

Today we’re going to try out a listening exercise about the New York Cosmos and Pelé. Watch the video, and read the short text that goes with the video. Questions 1. How long has it been since the Cosmos played? 2. When did Pelé play for the Cosmos? 3. How does the return of the…

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Samba No Coração – Almir Guineto Posted by on Jul 5, 2010

It was a long and quiet Friday afterno on in the office after Brazil lost to Holland on Friday, but things quickly became a little more lively when Uruguay and Ghana faced each other off in penalties and everyone crowded around my boss’ desk to cheer for one team or the other. In Brazil, we’re…

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