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Love And Vegetable Sayings Posted by on Feb 12, 2021

Potato Heart

As you know, Valentine’s Day (День Святого Валентина) is approaching. There will finally be an occasion to call those we love (любить) but rarely talk to. While some are looking forward to this holiday, others do not celebrate it for their personal reasons or principles. No matter what group of people you belong to, I…

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How About ‘Dating’ in Russian? Posted by on Dec 14, 2009

Recently we had a post about the tricky linguistic side to getting married in Russian – read “How About ‘Getting Married’ in Russian?” now if you missed it before – but the problems with how to define relationships in this language doesn’t end there. As a matter of fact, the trouble with love in Russia…

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How About ‘Getting Married’ in Russian? Posted by on Nov 29, 2009

There’s one thing I’ve always had trouble expressing in the Russian language. No, it’s not «мои чувства» [plural: my feelings], but something that has not so much to do with me as a matter of fact. For years now I’ve struggled with the following: how to say in Russian that two women are married? Perhaps…

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