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Top 20 Spanish Blog Posts of 2020 (Part Two) Posted by on Dec 31, 2020

As we get ready to say adiós to 2020, it’s a good time to look back on this dumpster fire of a year and try to find something positive about it. For us here at the Spanish blog, that means going through the data to find which posts were the most popular with our readers…

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Rhythms of Latin America: Gaita Zuliana Posted by on Dec 28, 2020

The gaita is one of the most important components of Venezuela’s musical heritage, as it has been representing since decades two very distinctive elements: the Zulian culture as a whole and the nationwide celebration of Christmas and the New Year’s Eve. As is the case for other Latin-American genres, Zulian gaita’s history began as a…

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Top 20 Spanish Blog Posts of 2020 (Part One) Posted by on Dec 9, 2020

Este fue un año horrible (This was a horrible year). Let’s just go ahead and get that out of the way. 2020 gets a lot of hate, and for good reason. As we get ready for a new (and hopefully better year), let’s try to head into 2021 with a bit of positivity! For us…

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The greatest modern music genres in Latin America Posted by on Nov 27, 2020

If there is one thing that easily identifies any Spanish-speaking country is their popular music; more specifically, their modern music genres, which stands out as colorful, vibrant, and easy to dance to. So inviting is Latin American music that some may assert people from this corner of the world are born having music on their…

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Partying in Latin America: Las Fiestas Posted by on Aug 27, 2020

We’re keeping things fun here on the Spanish blog this month. Be sure to check out the posts about partying in Spanish and Carnaval if you missed them. Hoy voy a escribir sobre las fiestas en América Latina (Today I’m going to write about the parties in Latin America). In my travels across the region…

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Partying in Latin America: el Carnaval Posted by on Aug 19, 2020

Most Popular Spanish Songs of 2018

Esta semana iba a llevarte a otro viaje virtual (This week I was going to take you on another virtual trip). I think I’ll save that for next month, though, because Laura’s recent post about Partying in Spanish inspired me to go a different direction today! Soy un noctámbulo (I’m a night owl), so I…

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Forbes Most Powerful Women in Mexico Posted by on Jun 18, 2020

Forbes magazine recently released its list of Las 100 Mujeres Poderosas de México 2020 or the 100 most powerful women of Mexico. The women on thee list come from a variety of industrias or industries and their contributions are varied. In this post, I want to explore some of the women on the list. Yalitza Aparicio Yalitza…

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