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El Alfabeto (The Spanish Alphabet) Posted by on Aug 30, 2017 in Pronunciation, Videos

New to Spanish? You’ll want to start off by learning the alphabet. Follow this video to learn the 27 letters of the Spanish alphabet plus two common digraphs that used to be letters. Each one gives a Spanish word as an example as well.

El Alfabeto (The Spanish Alphabet)

Learn the alphabet first, then learn to read!

Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation Guide

Follow this video and practice saying the letters of the Spanish alphabet plus the words given for each one. You can even copy the list to study on your own!

  • a = amigo

  • b = bebe

  • c = casa

  • d = dedo

  • e = español

  • f = feliz

  • g = gato

  • h = hombre

  • i = igualmente

  • j = jugo

  • k = kilo

  • l = limón

  • m = mamá

  • n = no

  • ñ = niño

  • o = oro

  • p = padres

  • q = queso

  • r = rápido

  • s = sandía

  • t = tomate

  • u = uva

  • v = vaca

  • w = wisky

  • x = xilófono

  • y = yema

  • z = zapato

  • ch = chica

  • ll = llaves

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