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Present Subjunctive – Presente de Subjuntivo Posted by on Jul 14, 2010 in Basic, Videos

¿Hola a todos, cómo estáis?

En este video vamos a ver la forma del Presente de Subjuntivo. Veremos cuándo usamos este tiempo en futuros vídeos.

In this video we are going to look at the form of the Spanish Present Subjunctive grammar tense. We will see the uses of this tense in upcoming videos.

In Spanish the use of the Subjunctive is much more common than in English and it can be a little tricky at first to learn. The Spanish Presente de Subjuntivo translates to the regular Present Tense in English (I work, I dance, I eat…), but in Spanish we use it in different situations than we use the regular Present Tense.

-AR endings: (like the other Present Tense, but swapping the “a” from the ending for an “e”/ Yo also has an “e” rather than an “o”)
-o: yo hable (I speak)
-as: tú hables (you speak)
-a: usted hable (you speak) (formal)
-a: el / ella hable (he/she speaks)
-amos: nosotros hablemos (we speak)
-áis: vosotros habléis (you speak)) (group)
-an: ustedes hablen (you speak) (group/formal)
-an: ellos hablen (they speak)

-ER  ending: (Like the other Present Tense, but swapping the “e” from the ending for an “a”/ “Yo” also has an “a” rather than an “o” )
-o: yo coma (I eat)
-es: tú comas (you eat)
-e: usted coma (you eat) (formal)
-e: el / ella coma (he/she eats)
-emos: nosotros comamos (we eat)
-éis: vosotros comáis (you eat) (group)
-en: ustedes coman (you eat) (group/formal)
-en: ellos coman (they eat)
-IR endings: (Like the other Present Tense, but swapping the “e” or the “i” from the ending for an “a”/ “Yo” also has an “a” rather than an “o” and “vosotros” adds an “a”)
-o: yo viva (I live)
-es: tú vivas (you live)
-e: usted viva (you live) (formal)
-e: el / ella viva (he/she lives)
-imos: nosotros vivamos (we live)
-ís: vosotros viváis (you live) (group)
-en: ustedes vivan (you live) (group/formal)
-en: ellos vivan (they live)

That´s all for today, I hope you´ve enjoyed the lesson and don´t forget we will see the different uses of Presente de Subjuntivo in the next Intermediate level videos. Adios!

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About the Author:Laura

I am from Bilbao in northern Spain. I qualified as a Spanish Language Teacher in 2004. I have taught Spanish in England and Spain and now really enjoy teaching the Spanish Language via my website The Spanish Blog to students from all around the world. I love my job and the intricacies of the Spanish Language. My main personal interests are music, reading and cooking. I studied music for twelve years in Bilbao and I play the piano. I also enjoy singing and I try my best to sing more in English now. I hope very much that you enjoy my posts and welcome any comments.


  1. andreas:

    ¡Hola, Laura!
    El vídeo es como siempre muy útil, pero no es de esta lección.

  2. David Carmona:

    Tienes razón, Andreas. Tenemos el vídeo correcto para esta lección, y vamos a solucionarlo enseguida.